Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl's Night Out!

There is a new tradition in my life. And I love it.

Rather than exchanging gifts, my bestie and I have started going to the "Big City" (aka Minneapolis) for a Girl's Night. Last year was the Inaugural Year and was a blast.

This year? It totally blew last year out of the water!!

A peek at our night:

We checked into The Hotel Minneapolis, and were giddy with our "Priceline" steal! The hotel was GORGEOUS! Totally contemporary, but yet warm and inviting!

After a couple of drinks while we "primped", we headed out to supper...and had the most adorable cabby! (Dang!! I wish I took his picture!) He also informed us, that there were quite a few Minnesota Twins staying at our hotel for Twins Fest! Cool. (Although, I wouldn't know a single one of them if they weren't wearing their jerseys! Well, I'd probably know Joe. Mauer that is. But that's it. I think.)

Anyway...we arrived at Fogo de the same time as an ambulance! (No worries, seems as tho everything was okay.) Inside of Fogo:


We proceeded to have one of the best meals ever. Have you ever been to Fogo? Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. Succulent. Delicious. Unbelievable.

Service? Outstanding! Our waiter:

And a never ending parade of chefs serving various cuts of meat, just to your liking. *licks lips*

To top it off...we got a "complimentary" dessert, because we were celebrating my birthday!!

Dessert, before:

And, after:


I seriously felt like I needed purge after everything I ate that night! I was so uncomfortably full, that I couldn't take a deep breath! However, our next event helped to remedy that...

The Shout House!!! Which was, conveniently enough, right across the street from Fogo! Fabulous (read: accidental) planning on my part!

We a packed house! Student ID night. Ugh. However, there were just as many "old" people, if not more! (Note the gray, balding head in the foreground...)

It seems as tho' my bestie and I are some rockin' requesters...either that, or we put wayyyyyyy too many ones up on the piano with our requests! Who knows...anyway, when T. requested "Sexy Back", I thought she was nuts.

Then they played it...and rocked the crowd! So, that got my wheels spinning...and I requested "Single Ladies"...what happened next was probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in quite a while!!!

Three guys, jammin' out (Beyonce moves and all) to "Single Ladies". Oh. My. Pee. In. My. Pants.

They also did a tribute to everyone who has served overseas or has a spouse overseas...the entire place was on their feet cheering for our heros!! (And, so...yeah. I got a little teary at the Shout House...)

Throughout the night, they would call people up who were celebrating birthdays. Ahem. Oh no. Oh yes. She told them.

And this is all I will show you of the result:

And this, is all I will tell you: Whitesnake. "Here I go Again". Tawny Kitaen. Replace the cars with two pianos.



  1. Looks like you had a good time! And that is awesome that they did a tribute to our military! My husband is in the Navy & we live overseas. So naturally I too get teary-eyed.

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! That cracked me up about the guys doing "Single Ladies"! Ha ha ha!

  3. Ha ha ha!!!! First, you know, now that I have stopped {tee hee} giggling - ok, maybe not but now I'm not giggling so hard I can't see what I am typing... whoo hooo hoooo heee... it looks like you had a fabulous ha ha snort time! Yeay for birthdays and complimentary desserts... dancing on pianos? maybe not so much... oh dear, I've started again....

  4. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!

    I am bringing my boyfriend to Fogo de Chao for his birthday in March and we are SO pumped to try it! I've heard great things! I better tell them it's his birthday... free dessert is a must! ;)

  5. Looks like way too much fun! I LOVE it!

  6. Bachelorette party, I was on the piano dancing to Baby Got Back, courtesy of my sister, and my cousin, who was one of the piano players. Not one of my finer moments.

  7. How cool, 'twas my birthday too!! Yay for us (& Oprah). How amazing that they did a shout of for serving soldiers, wow, that doesn't happen in Australia, we're far more quiet about our war zone involvement, but it's still priority on the news, thankfully, as my husband is heading back to Afghanistan soon. But for once i wasn't a single lady on my birthday, he flew home to surprise me!! Love Posie

  8. Looks like ya'll had a ton of FUN!!!!!! Love the guys doing Single funny

  9. Oh my goodness, talk about fun! So jealous, I haven't had a girl's night out in like forever!

    Ha! They put you on the piano!?! Wild!

  10. Awesome Awesome Awesome. So glad she got that last pic of you!!!

  11. I didn't realize you were a Minnesotan! Yay! Love the Shout House! My husband is in the Army and whenever someone does a Tribute to the Troops I cry, tears of pride of course! Looks like you had a fabulous night on the town! :)

  12. I love Fogo De Chao, we went there last year for my birthday! We couldn't resist the after dinner drink as it was so beautiful! We already made dinner plans for Valentine's Day weekend! Such a yummy place!!

  13. love the pic of you on the piano - also, just want to let you know that your family and brother in law's family are in my prayers.

  14. My husband and I go to Fogo de Chao for our anniversaries ~ now that we're in the middle of nowhere, we have to make a special trip... but it's always GREAT!! The service is amazing and the food even more amazing! We take special friends and family with us to experience it too.

    I'm glad you were able to celebrate your birthday there.


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