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To give you a better idea...

Of the sheer volume...

Of pine needles...

That fell upon our carpet.

(Shhhhh...don't tell, but this was the first year I've maybe, possibly, perhaps just a little, teeny, tiny, itty bity bit considered an artificial tree. That *thud* you just heard? That was the sound of those that know me IRL, falling over dead at the idea that I considered the "a" word.)


  1. Oh. My. Word. At least your house smells good?!?

  2. OH MY!!!! haha!! hopefully you have a good vacuum ;)

  3. Yikes. This is exactly the reason why we have an "a" tree! Can you imagine a 10 month old crawling around on THAT? And sticking all THAT in her mouth? Yeah. We're sticking with an "a" tree for awhile!

  4. WOW, why did it die like this. This makes me scared to ever get a real tree

  5. I remember having years like that. I remember finding needles well into March in my carpet.
    I agree, a real tree is awesome but just look at the fire danger. I went to an artifical tree years ago when I was divorced and it was just the best solution for me at the time. Since then it just seems right since I have over 800 ornaments on my tree. It takes me a long time to do so I leave it up for several weeks after Christmas so I can finally enjoy it after the hussle & bussle of the holidays!

  6. Just so you know...artificial trees shed as well. At least your tree smells good. I would like to have a real tree but it is just not practical for me --I'd forget to water it and then I'd have a pile of needles before Christmas even got here.

  7. That is EXACTLY why I have an artificial tree :)

  8. That is just crazy! Showed the hubs (who is allergic) and the photos alone made him itchy lol

  9. O. M. G. that is alot of pine needles!

    and we have an artificial tree, mainly b/c I have never ever kept anything that belongs in the plant family alive for like longer than a week

  10. Oh my good gracious that is not even right!!!!!!!! The needles get to me too, which is precisely why we went with an artificial tree a few years ago. I hated it from the second it entered my house and last year, when a portion of the lights went out, that was all I needed to demand we start getting a real tree again!!!!!!!!! This year, we had it, a real one again, boy do I appreciate it!!! Needles and all!

  11. Don't give up. I have heard from SOOO many people that their trees were also really dry this year!

  12. WOW! And I thought mine was bad! :) I guess that little stint on the floor probably didn't help matters either!

  13. That is why we bought our lovely artificial one two years ago.

    I love it, prelit, cashmere pine and it even has pinecones. No clean-up.

  14. Wow!! I don't know about over in the US but in the UK we have real trees that are non drop. Ours has been up since about 11th December and we've had 4 or 5 needles drop. I think it's called a Norwegian Fir, or something along those lines! It's now very brittle and is going to Christmas tree heaven today before we're all back to work tomorrow.

  15. Haha, that's what my house looked like...and I thought the same thing! But, "the a word" would take half the fun out of a Christmas Tree!!

  16. That was reason number 432 why we finally went artificial. I have to tell you, though, that I wanted to run my hands through those needles in your picture and SMELL them (the candle just isn't the same as the real smell)!

  17. LOL! :) This was our first year with a real tree and we have loved it! :)


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