Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Blog Hop! Week 4..."Favorite Children's Toys""

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, ev'ry where I go..."

I LOVE IT! Tree's up, smells like fresh cut balsam in here, lights twinkling, kids's fabulous. Simply, fabulous.


Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday...the pressure of gift buying isn't there, but the celebration with family over good food and great fun is ever present! And, nothing says "Get Shopping!!!" like the end of Thanksgiving, right?!!

This week's theme for our Holiday Gift Guide is: "Favorite Children's Toys...Bonus for Battery-free"!!

I'm gonna toss out two of our favorites...then throw in some other ideas of things our kids like to, get your writing pens out, and get your typing fingers ready to link up YOUR post!

The first gift that I recommend is a new discover to our home...and, BONUS!! it's battery-free!!

It is the, Ezy Roller!

This is a kid powered "scooter" that our children have each fallen in love with since the very day Hambone received his as a gift! Now, 3 out of 5 children in our family own one!!

I love that they are easy to operate, require minimal assembly, and encourage lot's of "active" time! They drive very smoothly, and the weight limit goes up to 125 lbs!!

Get'll love it!

Next up is a toy our family is outgrowing, but one that I will love 'til the day I die...this one requires batteries, but is well worth it!

Leapfrog's "Fridge Phonics" is a great electronic "educational" toy that, I'm convinced, helped our children learn their letters and the "Alphabet Song"! I now use it for Hambone for his preschooling that we do at home, by having him pick out the upper/lowercase letter that we are working on!

Those are my two "main" suggestions...what follows are things that have been hits with our kids or gifts I enjoy my children getting...

Along the Leapfrog line..."My Pal Violet (or Scout)" is a fun toy that you can personalize with your kiddos name, and he/she teaches your child how to spell their name! Cute, cuddly, educational, not annoying!

We're also big board gamers over here (can you say that? "Board gamers"? Or is "gamer" just reserved for the video kind?)! Some of our faves: Apples to Apples, Clue, Guesstures, Would you Rather, Last times!! evidenced by the "theme" behind this whole Gift Guide, we love BOOKS!! We've recently discovered "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", and even our babe will sit through it! Course, the little kids still love a great Children's Book, but we'll take anything!

Remember, all linky's will be left open until the very end! So, if you are a late comer, and would like to join in, feel free to link up your post! Our themes thus far have been: Children's Books, Man Gifts (which could use more ideas!!), and Handmade/Homemade! Here is a list of all the theme's from here on out!

Thanks for joining in the Gift Guide Blog Hop!!

(PS-all linked items take you directly to the manufacturer's website! These are all my honest opinions of products we love and I was not compensated by any of the above companies to tell you how fabulous their stuff is!)

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  1. Okay... I'll have to link up to this one too! Your Ezy roller reminds me of our Plasma Car. Huge hit!


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