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I Died...Again.

The other day, this came in the mail for me:


A runners...a running...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

A magazine for runni...for *snort*...for run...*guffaw*...for...bwahahahahaha!!!


*Picks self up off floor*

Okay...*snicker* Sorry.

Er...yeah. I'm not a runner. I think they got the wrong person.

Perhaps there's another Mama M. somewhere that this magazine was intended for...'cuz if I were to ever get a magazine subscription out of the blue, I think it would be more along the lines of: "Slackers" or "Wannabe Fit" or "You Can't get in Shape Sitting on Your Butt".

But "Runners"????????

Ah...not so much.

Now, where's my "People" magazine...


  1. LOL I think you got the magazine I was thinking about getting for my son.... and nope I don't run either and wont even think about starting especially after seeing these HS kids barely able to stand/walk after running a 5K in 15 min or under....... *shudder*

  2. I too despise running. I wish I loved it. My ass would definitely thank me if I did!

  3. LOL! :) I was just telling my husband I am thinking of joining a gym and he kind of snickered. Now I think I will just to show him! :)

  4. Running rules! And you've got a lot of cool races there in Minnesota too :)

    I subscribe to Runner's World. I think Mrs. LB prefers me reading that than, say, Maxim or something similar ;)

  5. So funny! Maybe that was a practical joke? It's kinda like someone signing my very single and nowhere-near-being-a-mom friend up for formula samples and baby food coupons. But, I get to benefit from that joke! ;)

  6. That's great! I used to get catalogs for science fiction books. Never understood that either.

  7. Oh, how funny! Yeah, I'm not a runner either. I wish, but no.

  8. LOL!!! If that mag showed up in MY mailbox, I'd have used it for kindling on my know, to cook MARSHMALLOWS!!! HAHAHA!

  9. Yea I would for sure think they had the wrong house if I got that magazine, I'm lucky if I go for a walk....bahahaha

  10. I actually subscribe to that magazine now that I'm running. It's actually full of great advice! Ha ha.


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