Thursday, November 18, 2010

Er...when did it become Thursday?

So, I woke up with an empty brain this morning, and thought, "Hmmm...maybe I'll just participate in Wordless Wednesday" to fill the void that my empty brain was creating.

Then, a (very small) part of my brain filled up and told me it's Thursday. Well, shucks. There goes wordless Wednesday AND that means I've gotta get the Sneak Peek post ready for this evening!

I'm glad so many of you got a kick out of the power of my Aqua Net hairspray from 1990something (I think, maybe it was, actually, 1990...8th grade...yikes...and, How could you have not only allowed me to leave the house looking like that, but also, YOU LET ME GET MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH A BLONDE SQUIRREL ON MY HEAD!!!)...I got a phone call from my bestie that was nothing but laughter...pure, deep, belly laughter.

Apparently, that picture made her day! ;)

To make this a "non non-pictureless" post...I'll show you the photo I was going to post for today's "Wordless Wednesday" post.

Only it's Thurday.

I get that.

Here it is!

Yes, she still has her Nuk. It's disgusting, I know...I can't find the power within me to take it away from is her kryptonite, and sometimes, when dealing with the force that is our Baby Girl, sometimes we need some kryptonite.

So, someday it will be gone. When her husband decides he's had enough of it. ;)


  1. My niece had hers until she was 5... yes, I'm serious.
    My brother-in-law asked me once: "If they are so great, why don't adults have them? I don't get it." I thought it was a pretty valid question that I had no answer to.

  2. My daughter (3 1/2) still has one at bedtime (and she also calls it her Nuk). She has promised me she will stop at her 4th birthday. I don't really care if she has it until I say it out loud and get embarrassed. :)

  3. I love her hair! I want that color. Or lack of color, nearly. :) She's a beauty!

  4. My 27 month old still has her binky at night in bed and she's like addicted. She takes hits of it when she thinks I'm not looking up in her room. I don't know how I'm ever going to break her of this. They need binky rehab!!


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