Monday, November 22, 2010

We Have a Birthday Boy!!

Once upon a time (7 years ago, to be exact), a mama sat in a hospital, marveling over the miracle that was her newborn son.

She stared. Soaking in every detail, every crease and line on his perfect little body. Gazing into his steely blue eyes. Falling deeper and deeper in love with each passing second. Flying high on the wonder and amazement that was his perfect birth.

Little did she know, that this amazing boy that came from that amazing delivery would continue to amaze her as he grew.

That mama's heart would swell with joy when she witnessed the tender heart of her boy. She would beam with pride whenever she set her eyes upon him. She would smile, from ear to ear, when she heard his incredible laugh.

That mama would shake her head in amazement, elated that she had been lucky enough to be blessed with this incredible young man, when she witnessed the goodness in his soul, every day of the year.

Yes, sometimes, this mama wanted to pull her hair out...Sharpies on walls, junk drawers emptied time and time again of their junk, a fascination with scissors that left nothing safe...but she would never trade those hairs for anything in the world.

Her world had become a much greater place because she had been blessed with the duty of keeping a wonderful new life...he is amazing. And He is amazing for thinking that mama is worthy enough to be granted the responsibility of mothering that young boy.

He takes my breath away. And I am honored to call him my own.

Happy 7th Birthday, E. Dubya!!

We love you so, so, so, so, so much!!


  1. So sweet....Happy Birthday EW!

  2. He's too cute! :) Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Hope he has a wonderful birthday!!

  4. You have me crying over here. That was an incredibly wonderful birthday post! Hope it's as outstanding as he is :)

  5. Happy Birthday! My baby boy just turned 12 just under 2 weeks ago. Broke my heart. My daughter 15 1/2...why oh why do they grow so fast?

  6. This was such a sweet post! Happy Birthday E.W. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! Such cute pictures BTW

  7. Sweet post- my little man looks a lot like yours did about 6 years ago;)


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