Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For the birds...

You guys...this whole "Daylight Savings" thing?

I hate it.

Yeah, yeah...sure, come May, I'll LOVE it...but right now? I guess I'd prefer my mornings dark and my evenings light. The unending evenings of darkness leave me feeling like it's time for bed at 6 pm.


I looked at the clock the other night, thinking "Gosh, I'd better get the kids ready for bed"...and it was 6:15.

Now that I'm saying this...I guess it's the "Daylight Savings Time" that I like...and the "normal time" that I loathe!

Hmmmm...since DST has been getting longer and longer every year, maybe we should just change the time permanently. Whaddya say?

Should I start a petition?

(And, PS...I once read that not everyone "participates" in DST...and I'm curious, who doesn't?)


  1. Arizona does not change. I believe they are always on DST.

  2. Arizona doesn't change and ICELAND doesn't change :o)

  3. I believe that Indiana doesn't change either.

    I hate it too - and I had the exact same thought the other night. It was dark, everyone was exhausted, so I thought it was a good time for bed. It wasn't even 7 pm! LOL

  4. Indiana started participating a few years ago. We hate it. Forever we never changed our clocks so half the year we were on eastern time and half the year we were on central.

  5. Totally agree! Dark before 6pm, YUCK! No wonder people get all depressed in the winter. I'll sign your petition. :)

  6. Saskatchewan, Canada doesn't change as well

  7. I hate it too. I don't like that it's pitch black dark at 6:30pm, I don't like the blazing sun by 8:00am and the fact that my little one is all messed up on his lunches and nap. Very annoying.

  8. Yup, Indiana just started....and it's rough on people! LOL.

  9. I am NOT a fan at all! My little ones are not adjusting which makes for even longer days. I vote for a permanent change!

  10. Hate it too...I'd rather have the extra daylight in the evenings. And my work afternoon just seems to drag on and on and on!

  11. I'd like to know what MAN thought to call it "Daylight Saving" anyway? Hello, people - it's the exact same amount of daylight!
    Yep, I'm in Indiana. It's still new to us, and even in the summer it's not fun. We try to do drive-in movies, and a double feature where the first show can't start until 10? I'm WAY to old for that nonsense. :) Leave my clocks alone!

  12. I grew up in AZ and they don't do DST. I HATE it when the time changes, it feels like internally I've been thrown off balance. And I'm like you, I'd prefer the sunlight in the afternoon/evening to be longer.

  13. I've never understood how some of the world changes but others don't... I vote we all stay the same all year long!

  14. I totally agree with you on this one. I would much rather come home from work in the daylight then dark. I feel like it's already 9 pm at 5:30 !


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