Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blast from the Past.

I love coming across old photos. They make me feel all nostalgic and warm and fuzzy.

So, here's one for you...

My two biggest boys...back when they liked each other:

(Dear iPhoto: Please communicate more quickly with Blogger. Those red eyes that I edited out right before uploading? Look...they're still there. All my best, Mama.)


  1. You littlest girl looks alot like your second biggest boy!

  2. that made me smile. yesterday my kids were looking through scrapbooks. they laughed when they saw my two oldest bathing together. i thought that is funny since they looked like they loved each other

  3. okay, i posted old pictures of myself this morning. You have started something now. my kids laugh at how i dressed

  4. oh my goodness. E.W. looks EXACTLY like your sweet baby girl. They are definitely siblings! (and both RIDICULOUSLY precious, I might add)

  5. I can't believe how much your little boy looks like your daughter in this picture!


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