Wednesday, November 10, 2010

They hurt. These legs of mine.

So, yesterday, I worked out. I popped in KettleWorx, pressed start...and could barely make it through the warm up.

In fact, I'm certain that I didn't.

After 1 minute and 32 seconds of warming up, I died. When I came back to life, believe it or not, I looked like Giselle Bundchen! It was unreal, you guys. Fabulous abs, to die for legs, arms that didn't jiggle.

(Courtesy Google Images)

I pranced about in nothing but Victoria's Secret apparel...marveling in how nothing wiggled that wasn't supposed to. I even put on some high heels and strutted my stuff.

Then, without warning, I stepped on Buzz Lightyear, the heel of my stiletto piercing his cosmonaut suit and sending me plummeting to the ground, where I hit my head on the corner of the toy box...

And woke up. For real this time.

With sore thighs...that jiggled. And arms that flapped in the wind. And abs that are rather lumpy and not at all firm.


Excuse me now while I go sit on the couch and eat some ice legs are too sore for me to do anything else.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at this post. If only dreams were real!

  2. can I just tell you how much you make me giggle. thank you

  3. Poor Buzz. That is all I can say to this.

  4. Oh man- its all in the eyes of the beholder- I'd kill for a body like yours!!!

  5. haha. I have an workout ball that I use like once a month. LOL you make my laugh, thank you!

    Nikki Darlin'


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