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Three Rounds with Baby Girl

That damn Nukkie Fairy.

Whose idea was this, anyway?

I'm pretty sure, if Baby Girl had the words, she'd be shaking her fist at the Nukkie Fairy and calling her something along the lines of "a dirty, rotten, good fer nuthin', evil, bi***".

I kinda want to call her that myself.

Round One:
At Bedtime. Very loud. Many tears. Ended fairly quickly.

Round Two:
One am. Very loud. Even more tears, some kicking of feet, and lot's of "NUKKIE!!!!! NUKKIE!!! NUKKIE!!!!!" Finally settled after opening her gifts from the dirty, rotten, good fer nuthin', evil, bi...I mean, the Nukkie Fairy.

Round Three:
Upon waking this morning. See Round Two and Three to get the idea of what happened. You wanna know something? It's not so peaceful to wake to an angry three year old screaming for her Nukkie.

*Great big, gigantic, sigh*

I'm tired. -.-


  1. so glad that I am not going through this alone!!
    Day 4 for us and the Paci word has not come out of K's mouth (yet.. its only 1149am).

    I hope tonight is better for you. Naps a ROUGH here but night time is a little better.

  2. When my oldest was 3 all of his "nigh-nights" broke...or mommy cut the tips off...I thought broke was a better phrase. This happened on the advice of someone who was well meaning but didn't actually live in my house. After two hours of bedtime sobbing, Daddy "found" an unbroken nigh-night (at the grocery store) who was resigned to the crib only! It was a few months longer before that one got lost :) Being a mom is hard work!

  3. I'm sure that's what Suri did to her parents at 3 as well. The difference? You're awesome. They're not. :) Hence, the 5 year old with big orthodontic bills in her future.

  4. When we took the suckie away from our 3 year old, we told her we were mailing them to a baby we knew out of town, and that the baby would be so happy to get them! The baby sent her a little thank you gift, and she was good with that! I was surprised how easy it was (sorry, hope it's going better for you today!!!)

  5. Our little one will be 3 in July. I know we need to get rid of "binkys" but it's so hard. She has a huge pile on her bed (she's only allowed to have them in her room) and while she's sleeping she rotates binkys, one out another one in. The dentist told her she needed to throw them in the trash during our last apt and she just looked at him like "are you crazy" and then when we got in the car she told me we needed to find a new dentist because "that ones not perfect".

  6. Oh dear, this makes me sweat! My little one sucks his THUMB and I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do about that. Your fight with the Nukkie scares the living crap out of me to think about an attached thumb! Good luck!

  7. We did this. He cried but was happy to leave his paci in the box for the fairy. Then int he morning when he opened the box and found his presents instead of his paci, all hell broke loose. Sigh.
    As you know, since you've been there before, it DOES get easier :-)

  8. stop instilling fear in me. I just about had a panic attack reading this post, because I'm pretty sure we'll deal with the same reactions when the paci leaves our home (soon hopefully... er... I mean, I think hopefully. haha!).

  9. Can I say something off-topic? I was telling my hubs about this (because, despite your refusal to let her keep the nukkie, we've got two thumb-suckers and the idea of a thumb fairy is really sadistic so we're screwed) and laughing (with you, mind you) but he had this glazed look on his face and all he could say was, "There's a nooky fairy? When does she visit here?" It took me a second and then I realized he was talking about s-e-x and I was totally talking about a pacifier. I pointed this out to him and he blinked and then went back to his glazed look and said, "Oh... well a nooky fairy would be waaaaaaaay better..." and wandered off. Ostensibly to fantasize about the nooky fairy and her double d's and fishnet thigh-highs. I think I need to get over the "I'm 38 weeks pregnant" chill and give the man some relief soon, huh?

    But anyway, good luck!

  10. Oh I feel for you! Hang in there! And just think of all the great stories she is giving you! I have a thumb sucker (first one) and I can't take it away! I can only wish he'd stop! Good Luck!

  11. You are making me very glad that all three of mine lost their's very early on (like at 18 months for the oldest, 16 months for the middle, and 11 months, in the middle of moving for the baby)! Hope tonight is easier!

  12. We are a month into life without our Paci and Emma still asks for it occasionally. You can read about our journey here...

    Hang in there! You aren't alone! :)

  13. We did not have that much with drawl from the "mine" (her name for her pacifier) but we did go through a few nights. We left ours at the ped's dr. for other babies to have. Oh the screams for Call Dr. J and tell him I need my MINE!!!! It was loads of fun. So I totally understand your pain.

    Oh and the comment by Melis was PRICELESS I so needed that laugh!


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