Monday, March 14, 2011

My New Baby

Not a stunning photographer does a fancy camera camera make.

Have you seen that Backyardigans? The board doesn't make the skater, the skater makes the board?

Yeah, well...they lied.

Having a fancy camera does make you better.

Okay, well...maybe not. Likely, not. Actually, not at all.

In fact, with my brand new, semi-fancy schmancy camera...I'm discovering that upgrading just ain't quite as easy as I thought it was going to be!!

My crappy old D40 was like an old lover in my hands...I knew just exactly what to press to make it sing.

My brand spakin' new D7000? Yeah, we're still learning the ropes. Testing the waters. Trying to figure each other out.

We aren't quite signing yet. At least, we're not singing a duet. The camera sings (a somewhat complicated opera)...I warble.

I'm trying to teach myself manual mode right outta the box (which might be some of my problemn). I'd like to get used to this way of shooting over anything I'm learning. I'm experimenting. I'm fiddling switches and dials and buttons like there's no tomorrow.

Only, I don't really get what I'm doing. Suppose I could read the manual to figure that out, huh? Figure out how to duet with this fabulous camera of mine. How to take wonderful photos that aren't blown out or under exposed.

'Cuz I have this thing...this...this, hang-up.

Post processing.

And now I will make a statement that will likely send a good majority of the photography world after me with torches and pitchforks: I want to get my photo right the first time.

As in, SOOC...with little to no post processing as possible.

I want to know my camera and my subject and my lighting so I can capture an incredible image that doesn't have me sitting behind my computer fixing this or that.

But, this new camera? It's confusing me just a tad right now. I know it'll take a little time, and soon we'll be singing in harmony. That my photos will come out nicely exposed and in focus.

Until then...the Backyardigans are right on...I just totally thought I'd pick up this D7000 and be skyrocketed to "stunning photographer".

Guess it's a little more complicated than that.

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  1. So far so good - those pics you included in your post are great! In time you'll be a whiz at all those manual settings. Also, someone gave me a good photo tip: Take lots and lots of pics. If you take 3 you have a small chance of getting a great one. Take 30 and there will be an amazing shot in there. Have fun!


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