Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pajama Night...

Last night, at our parent/child ECFE class (how many of you do these?), it was "Pajama Night".

Hambone was crazy excited, and put his jammies as soon as I would let him. As our departure time got closer, he started asking me, "When are you gonna get your jammies on?!"

To be honest, I was a little scared. Even at 34, peer pressure was getting to me.

I wondered how many other parents would wear their jammies.

I considered calling one of my friends that was in the class with us to see if SHE was wearing jammies.

Then, I realized, "Oh fer dang sake, Mama!! Just put on the darn pj's that your boy wants you to wear so badly and GROW UP!!"

So, I did just that. I threw caution to the wind, put my jammies and slippers on, and decided that I wasn't gonna care what people thought of me.


Then I started sweating...'cuz I'm a people pleaser and I ALWAYS care what people think of me.

I arrived at ECFE in (now soaking wet...this sweating business is ridiculous) jammies...and I was the ONLY other parent in jammies. Most wore comfy clothes, and the child teacher wore jammies...

But little ol' me, in my fuzzy, pink, sweat soaked jammies, was the only parent in pj's.

So, I did what any self-respecting, self-assured, confident grown woman would do...

I hid in the corner.

And then it was circle time...and I don't know if you know this about circles or not, but there are no corners to hide in.

There I was, in all my jammied glory, for everyone to see.

I'm just glad I didn't wear my Victoria's Secret nightie...



  1. I betcha your son thought you were the coolest parent in the room! Sweat and all!

  2. I agree with Rachel, and I bet the other kids thought your were the coolest Mom too.

  3. What's ECFE??? The only class we do here that's Parent/Child is my art class I teach lol. Sorry I'm a little behind on all the family organizations lol, but in my defense my son is still a toddler. :P

    But I totally would have worn pjs with you lol! I'm totally that type of mom, and I love that you are too! From one cool mom to another. :D

  4. oh man, where is the picture of you in your pajamas. I think i would have stuck pajamas in my bag.

  5. I am proud of you for putting your jammies on for your son no matter if others didn't. It's the small things in life that our kids will remember.
    My BFF and I went to a jammie party at a fabric store one day. There was only one other lady that did it, but we got a big discount for wearing them or we would of never did it. The other people did get the discount because that was the rules. ttyl

  6. And when everyone left, all those other parents were let into by their kids for being chickens. You go, Mama!


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