Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Progress...Life without Nukkie.

Just in case you're new here...I want to make it clear that I have not taken some sort of vow of celibacy.

Yeah, not THAT kind of nukkie (nookie). After reading Melissa's comment on one of the Nukkie Fairy posts (BTW...congrats, Melissa!!! Oh, and I linked the post that has her hysterical comment), and after I composed myself from fits of laughter and changed my panties (you know, my bladder just isn't what it used to be), I realized I should make sure to clarify...

Nukkie = pet name for Nuk.

Nuk = brand name of pacifier.

Brand name that our babe preferred.

Brand name that our babe scrounged up (all hairy and dusty) from behind one of the couches this weekend and was all cheeky grins until her mean old daddy plucked it right out of her grubby little hands and stashed it in his pocket, where it stayed until her sinister and evil mother threw it in the garbage.

Child abuse, I know.

But anyway...an update on the Nukkie Saga.

Things are better. The first night was awful. The second day, until naptime and bedtime, was much improved.

I feel like we've plateaued a bit...with her pretty consistently asking for her "Nukkie" when she is either tired or stressed out, but without the hysterical crying that accompanied her requests the first couple of days.

Except for those few times when it took all I had in me not to go tear through the garbage, retrieve a Nuk from a glob of who knows what, and thrust a rotten food covered pacifier into her mouth.

Yup, other than those times, it's been smooth sailing. Absolutely peachy.

'Course, we've had "Monkey" to help us through. Monkey, whom was left by the dastardly Nukkie Fairy in exchange for the Nukkies.

And, in an unfortunate decision making moment on my part..."Monkey" sounds an awful lot like "Nukkie", when you are trying to talk over the decibels of a heartbroken baby who just wants her GOD FORSAKEN NUKKIE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

So, all in all...we're getting there.

And, when we get there...we're tackling the sleep issues next.

Oh, yay.


  1. My two year old still gets the suckie(what we call the binkie) at nap-time and bedtime. I'm not looking forward to the time we have to give it up. I'm procrastinating, but he sleeps so much better with it and I like my sleep too.

  2. Well at least you are smarter than me! I took the bottle and the pacey away within a week of each other! DUMB girl!! Did I say DUMB? I meant more like idiot!! lol Good Luck!

  3. Oh this made me laugh!! Thanks for the smiles!

  4. This is pure greatness! Good luck and YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. Man do I wish I had pushed my kids to have a paci. breaking from the thumb is never ending


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