Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Four Days...and counting.

Four Days ago, my Belle complained of a headache and started running a fever.

I immediately thought meningitis.

The next day, she continued with the fever and headache and added a sore throat.

My diagnosis changed to strep throat.

Yesterday, the fever, headache, sore throat remained...and she added a cough and a general overall feeling of "malaise". In other words, she felt like crap.

I decided she had influenza.

Today, the fever/headache/sore throat/cough/malaise/"I feel like crap" continued...with the addition of lower abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

And I feared appendicitis.

Oh, woe is the life a nurse/mama.

Tomorrow, if all is not better, I do believe we will be taking a trip to the doctor...although, as I type this, Hambone has crawled into my bed with puppy dog eyes, claiming, "Mama, my tummy hurts."

To top it off, there is a Winter Storm raging outside our walls. Not much snow, but lot's of ice. Could make that trip to the doctor a wee bit sketchy!


In some brighter, more fun news...I just posted a CSN giveaway on my review blog! You know CSN, right? They who sell everything from wooden swing sets to power tools to baby gear. They've gotcha covered!


  1. Poor little one. I hope you find out what is making her so ill. I think even a non nurse mama would be thinking is it this? is it that? We fear the worst.
    Praying she has something that doesn't involve surgery or hospital stays.

  2. Sure is a pretty little thing. Hate to see her not feeling well. Hope she gets better soon!

  3. Geezlaweez! Can't catch a break! :( Hope she feels better soon and Hambone doesn't have such a long streak of it!

  4. oh man I'm sorry for her! Brayden (my 2 year old) just got over a 5 day stomach virus! It was HORRIBLE. I kept telling my DH "his insides just want to be on his outsides." Poor dears. Sick babies are no fun!

  5. What is it with all the sickness going around! We have strep in the house and not liking it at all! I hope Belle and your family feels better soon.

  6. awww! hope she feels better! you remind me of what ill be like as a mama bc this is how i overanalyze myself ... can't imagine what i'll be like with kids!!

  7. This bug is everywhere. My office, my home, church, the stores. I have decided to lock all the doors and windows and keep the family locked in. The worse we shall get on top of the crap is cabin fever.

    Hope she feels better!

  8. So sorry they aren't feeling well! It took a full two weeks for the flu to rage through and leave our house. Hopefully you don't all get sick!

  9. Poor thing(s). Hope it goes away NOW! We're finishing up a weird bug here at our house. Something like the flu with no "production" if you know what I mean.


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