Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here we go again...

I'm afraid to go to sleep. Not because I'm skeered of the dark, or anything, but because I'm fearing a repeat of last night.

Of when my sweet babe went all "Exorcist" on me and ran crying down the hall, "NUUUUUKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" She bolted straight for the kitchen, where she climbed up on a stool, and reached into the bucket that we put her Nuks in before bed...and when she discovered that there were no Nuks?

The look on her face and the blood curdling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" that came out of her mouth were straight from a horror flick.

And, slightly funny, too. (To me. Not to her. Not yet, anyway.)

The evening prior to leaving the Nuks for the Nukkie Fairy, The Pal and I were perusing Walmart in search of the perfect gift for the Nukkie Fairy to leave in exchange for the Nuks. We were discussing taking away the Nuk, when the Pal said, with a visible shudder and his fingers forming a cross in front of him, "I wouldn't want to take the Nuk away from HER!!"

I think he felt sorry for us.

Anyway, today has been slightly better...with only some brief talk about the Nuk when Baby Girl got sleepy mid day, and then again at bedtime. (PS...she's still awake.)

Let's hope we don't repeat last night.

I'll keep you posted.


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  1. Hope it gets easier for you! I swore my son would have his paci taken when he was a year old. He "lost" it when he was 2 yrs old and did an amazing job. There were some really rough nights though!

    love the picture of baby girl!

  2. I pray she will do better adn go to sleep. It is hard when they give those Nuks up.
    May peace come to you all in your household.

  3. Good Luck with the Nuk...I know that Hannah is going to be jsut lik ethat-if not worse (if you can imagine that) when I make the move for Paci Fairy...

  4. I remember those days....not too fun! But she will adjust. (smile)

  5. It took us one week with my daughter. About the 5th day it was a breeze.
    With out son, it took about two or three days...
    all kids are different, but I saw a change in Little Girl's front teeth alignment within two weeks, and my sons in less than a week!

  6. It will get easier...I promise...well maybe not easier but you'll learn to tune the screaming out!

  7. Oh I am not looking forward to this day but I have heard of the Nuk fairy, I think she will have to come visit soon.
    I have tried to break my daughter of her nuk habit and then her thumb goes in her mouth and I cave. I had a thumb sucker that was much harder to break.
    Don't you just wish you could fast forward?


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