Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nukkie Fairy, don't let me down.

Yes...she came. And she left some loot in her path for the big girl to discover in the morning...

There were some tears (okay, okay, many tears, lot's and lot's of tears, and some very loud, "NUKKKKKIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!"s as well...) after we had placed the Nuks in the bucket and left them out for the Nukkie Fairy to come collect.

We soldiered through. Then, help came in the form of a Toy Story pillowcase. (Don't ask. I have no idea...)

And, thank goodness for Gymboree and their T-shirt-like material blankets, that I happened to find laying around the house! (Yes, I realize I just replaced one comfort item for another...but at least a blanket is socially acceptable at 5.)

She fell asleep on daddy tonight.

Sans Nuk.

Let's see how the night unfolds...stay tuned!

(Oh, and PS...MOST of you were right!)


  1. I'm a first tike commenter but if the Nukkie Fairy doesn't work and you have a Build - a - Bear putting the binky in the bear abd letting them have the bear seems to wori, well, with th kids I babysit at least. Lol

  2. We are rid of the paci but NOT the blankies. I will NEVER take those away. Those can be hidden in the pillow case at sleep overs, hidden in backpacks at school..etc!


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