Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Asking a Favor.

Update: YES! You can (and will you?) vote every day!


I saw something that caught my eye yesterday.

A contest for a "Hero Mom"...immediately, I thought of someone. Someone who is so deserving of the title "Hero Mom".

My sister-in-law. Verd's wife.

So, I entered...and nominated her. Here's where I need your help. The winner is chosen by a voting method. It's powered by BlogFrog and super easy to do (no registration required!!). Just click here, find my entry ("Mama M.") and click the "vote" button.

I have pledged that if "I" win (and of course, by "I" I most definitely mean my sister-in-law) I will give her every penny of that cash prize.

Will you vote for my entry? I'll appreciate you forever and ever if you do...


  1. You got my vote!! Such an amazing story!

  2. I voted, wishing you all the best, so thoughtful of you & could not go to a more deserving family. Such a sad situation, those children are lucky to have their amazing mum/ your sister-in-law. Good luck!! Love Posie

  3. Done! She most definitely deserves it!

  4. Just did! Can we vote everyday?

  5. Voted!! She most definitely deserves it!! Good luck!!

  6. Just voted! Hope she wins!!

  7. I voted! I've been praying for this Mom and her children since you posted about it. God has something incredible that He is doing in and through each of them. God Bless! J.


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