Monday, October 17, 2011


8,321,904: Hours of sleep I'm lacking.

6: Number of children I have in my house at the time.

1: Hour of the night (morning) I stayed up until two too many times this weekend.

2: Number of photoshoots I had yesterday.

214: Loads of laundry that are calling my name.

10: Times we've watched "Soul Surfer" (prolly more than that, actually)

532: Tears I've cried upon realizing something is wrong with our Keurig.

1,000,000: Dollar amount I wished I had in my checkbook.

9: Time of the night I kinda wish it was. *yawn*

0: Seconds left of procrastinating to get these dang bills paid.

Over n' out.


  1. Ah, paying bills....ain't it grand! Not!

  2. Keurig was acting up too. I cleaned it with vinegar, which seemed to help. But! If yours isn't working right, rumor has it Keurig has outstanding customer service! =)


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