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Top Ten Twitter Annoyances

Sandy just posted her Top 10 (well, actually 11-20, the first ten have already been posted!) Facebook annoyances, and it inspired me to write this list. See if you agree...

1. All the RT's. For the love of sweet baby Jesus!! Seriously, do you not have a single unique thought of your own? I know, "Klout"...but still. Enough!

2. #insanelylongandirrationalhashtagsthatyouthinkmakeyourtweetfunnierbutreallytheydont. Bonus points if you can read that quickly.

3. Follow/follow back. I don't get this one. Why? Why is this some sort of "unwritten" Twitter rule? Please, someone explain.

4. People who "haz a sads" and say "bai" and other phrases that escape me at the moment but are equally annoying.

5. All the "Four Square" stuff. Just like Sandy you really want to tell the world and all of it's criminals that you are not home? Or, worse...maybe they are stalking you and just waiting for the right moment to jump out of the bushes and kill you right there at Sonic, just where you told them you'd be. Hey, it could happen. There's crazy people in the world.

6. Along with the Four Square stuff...all this "I'm wiping my butt with 3,209 other people." Honestly, it's really not that important. Or maybe it is and I'm missing the bigger picture. I dunno.

7. Spam. You know, when you accidentally tweet something with the word "boobs" or "iPhone" or "diet" and suddenly all these egg avatars are tweeting you nothing but a link. DO THEY REALLY THINK WE'RE THAT STUPID?!

8. Twitter parties. One every once in a while is fine...but multiple parties weekly? (Daily?) Ugh. *yawn*

9. Speaking of Klout (see #1)...and, I know this is a "Twitter" annoyance list, but the two go hand in hand...I can't believe they give out your first and last names when you hand out K+. Some of us don't want the world to know our names, and now you've just made sure that I don't give out any K+ ever again. Bad Klout. Bad, bad Klout.

10. Okay, so #10 is escaping me. I know that as soon as I hit publish, another 10 will come to me...but, fill in the blank. My Biggest Twitter Annoyance is __________.

And now, I need to go back to focusing on positive things! Hmmmm...maybe I should do a "10 Things I Love About Twitter" post next time?!


  1. I love you for this post! I know I should probably post a positive about facebook post, but those positive thought kind of escape me at the moment. :)

    My biggest peeve about Twitter is: it takes so much memory on my laptop and I don't have a smart phone....therefore haven't tweeted in too long! Soon, though....very soon.

  2. I am trying to get with the twitter thing...but since I consider myself a wannabe writer, seriously?? only 140 characters? you jest. It's purely promotional to a commercial that leads you to the main event (my blog.)

    and while I like the idea of a Twitter party...I just can't keep up with the blinding fast tweets. Not all of us have laptops and fancy phones to keep us connected.

  3. Haha! I love this! Most all of these have been thoughts of mine at one point or another (or daily). Twitter is a lot of fun and I enjoy it but there are definitely some drawbacks!

  4. I just can't get into Twitter, facebook is time consuming enough and annoying ha!

  5. I don't even know what Klout is on Twitter. I don't think I've ever even heard of it. I do RT funny things that are out there but I HATE, HATE, HATE when people ask for RT's from celebrities. It drives me insane. I don't understand the Twitter Hop parties.

    Guess I'm really not that knowledgeable on Twitter. LOL

    april@Party of Five

  6. I don't do twitter, but these are pretty funny.

  7. I don't understand what any of this means! I have a twitter account but I have no idea how to use it. RT's? Klout? I do hate that hashtags keep showing up on Facebook as if they are just part of normal conversation now. It's weird. This post and my confusion made me laugh, it was like reading a different language.

  8. I was a twitter outsider for a loooong time, but now I am in and I LOVE it. LOVE it more than facebook. Yes, there are annoyances, but so much less than Facebook. The only thing I don't like about twitter is that if you have a private account, which I do, people who don't follow you can't see your tweets, even if you mention them (like YOU mamma M!). I always miss out on 5QF shoutouts because of that. (insert sad face)


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