Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Post In Which I Complain About My Flab...

...but continue to eat like there is a famine quickly approaching.



"Ice Cream?"

"4 bowls, please...with extra whipped cream!"


"Well, don't mind if I do (have the whole bag)!"

The Mr. and I were talking last night...me about my "I'm going to start exercising tomor...no, wait, I work tomorrow. Okay, I'm going to start exercising Wedne...no, it's the last football game....it'll have to be Thursda...oh, that's right...Fall Break. Kids underfeet, you know...so, I'll start next week. But, there's that whole 'sun in the second moon with the wind from the west' thing going on..."

And on and on and on. I was really on a roll this summer. Paying attention to what I ate, working on my running...then, we went on vacation...and my appetite and will power for exercises stayed on vacation after we got back.

I told the hubby, "When I have clothes on, I feel like a sausage in it's casing and that if you come too close to me with a fork, I'll spray fat all over." Gross, I know. But it's the dang truth.

(Via Google Image)

And without clothes? Well, I guess I'm just ground pork...all lumpy and grisly.

I need a fire lit under my (flabby) ass. 'Course, with all that fat splattering from my casing, there'd probably be a horrendous grease fire.


(Okay, friends...I really need your help in voting for my sister-in-law for the "Heroic Mom" nomination! Pretty please? You can vote every day until November 4th...a long time away, I know, but I would LOVE to hand that check over to her right before Christmas!)


  1. LMAO, way too funny! Sausage in its casing, perfect analogy for how I've felt!


  2. I hear ya on the sausages ;D And I just voted for your sister! I'll try to come back and vote every day....are you going to put the link on the bottom of each post?

  3. This sausage issue, it is an issue that never ends does it?

  4. You are beautiful just as you are! You've gotta stop that! We waste way too much time not just being happy with what and who we are! For the sake off your beautiful daughters, love every part off yourself, so they do too!

  5. ahem! here's your motivation! M-E-X-I-C-O! I gave up sugar and upped my workouts to 4 times a week so I can feel a little LESS like a sausage in casing for our trip in T-3months! (although i feel like an entire ring of sausage) However, I know YOU look awesome even if you feel less than awesome--so just do whatever you need to do to FEEL Awesome and don't worry about how you look (which is always awesome--in my humble Bestie opinion) :) Love you M!! T

  6. I always love stopping by your place. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. We all feel that way at some point in our lives. After having 4 babies in 7 years I feel like a flabby piece of sausage myself at times with flap cakes for boobs! LOL!
    You are beautiful on the inside and out lady!


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