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I'm not really sure how it happened, but we are most certainly a co-sleeping family.

Never did I set out to let our children sleep in our bed...I mean, I wasn't necessarily against it, I just wasn't, well, "a co-sleeper". I kinda always thought co-sleepers were dreadlock wearing hippies who hugged trees for a living.

Stereotypes...I know, I know.

Anyway, the other night, as I was getting ready for bed, I gazed upon the sleeping baby in our bed. She looked so perfectly right at home, right where she belongs. I remember doing the zombie mid-night march back to bed with the Pal because some parenting book, somewhere, told me that's what I was supposed to do.

I think, in my "old age", as I've seen kids climb into, and then out of (preferring their own beds, instead) our bed, that this is a phase. A "and this too shall pass" moment in time in which our younger kids feel a need to be closer to us.

And is that so bad? Not in my books it's not...because I know that all too soon, this sweet babe will come to the conclusion that her bed is better, and leave us in the dust.

Maybe co-sleeping is just my way of getting an extra dose of kid time, but whatever it is, it doesn't bother me in the least.

In fact, on those nights when she gets moved into her own bed (adults need alone time, you know! Oops! Sorry mom, dad, bros, grandma, grandpa...) I actually fall asleep looking forward to that dead of night pitter-patter of sleepy feet coming into our bedroom.

It warms my soul...and it just feels right.

(I realized yesterday that the voting for the "Hero Mom" goes until November 4th. I know things like this can be a pain in the butt, but I would be so appreciative of your daily vote for my sister-in-law's story! Here is the link to vote and here is the link for the explanation of what the heck I'm talking about! Thank you!!)


  1. I would NEVER be able to sleep if my babies slept in my bed. They move too dang much. But we have a queen bed, and that's probably part of that issue. I really like the idea that my kids each have a room and Drew and I have ours... but to each his own.

  2. We are co-sleepers, too. We went to a King-sized bed because a mom, dad, and 3 kids just do not fit in a queen. Our oldest, though, has moved from our bed to a little fold down play couch right beside our bed. The younger 2 (ages 4, 2) are in our bed almost every night. My "rule" is that everyone starts off in their own bed (sometimes we break it) but it doesn't bother me at all if they come in in the middle of the night.

    april@Party of Five

  3. My Jellybean starts off in his playpen every night and ends up in our bed by the morning. He has napped in his crib two or three times and he's nine months old. Neither I nor hubby are in a rush to get him moved. It is right for us!

  4. Awwww, I know what you mean. My toddler went through a phase and I when he went in his own bed one night I looked forward to him coming back in in the middle of the night. :)

  5. As long as everyone is sleeping well, no, it's not so bad! I don't let Belli sleep in my bed because neither one of us get any sleep! She's to busy chatting me up and snoring!

  6. Sweet post and photos and yes I voted.

  7. I think there are more co-sleepers out there than we know, they just won't admit it. I think you brought out a good point. Whenever I explain why I like to snuggle with my babe in bed it's not really for them but for me, I LOVE that time to just get more one on one with him, an extra dose of kid time. Love that!

  8. Same here in this house! My youngest who is 2 sleeps w/us! All of my kids have actually but the older 3 have moved on to their own beds.

  9. I didn't want to be a co-sleeping family but we are. Some nights I love it (the snuggles) and other nights not so much (both my kids are movers). Some nights my husband is with our son in our bed and I end up in my son's bed with my daughter.

  10. Damn, right on woman. See you aint so bad after all. We are a co-sleeping crew. All of our four and we still have one that is. The comfort, the crazy stories that come from co-sleeping, and so much more. I used to hate it. I mean really. But like you said, more time is a good thing. Cause there will come a time when they dont want to snuggle anymore and that is gonna suck

  11. I sleep with my babies (and big kids) off and on throughout depending on their needs. My husband is a huge advocate of co-sleeping, which really surprised me! I always love to hear the anti-bed sharing comments about finding "intimate" time with your spouse. I tell those people that a bed is not the only place to have sex :P

  12. my youngest and I cosleep :)

    he wants too
    i dont mind
    i like it both ways
    he visits his dad in the weekends so then i get my bed back :)

  13. I feel exactly the same way. :) My older 2 never got in our bed - per my strict rules. But Blake somehow still makes his way there about once a week. I guess I realize now that he'll be to big to snuggle all too soon.

  14. THANK YOU for writing this. My daughter is almost 3 and still sleeps in our bed. Every. Single. NIght. We can get her to sleep in her bed if we sing to her for 555351 minutes but without fail every time she wakes up in the middle of the night and cries until we come get her and put her in our bed. We decided to cut out the middle man. We keep saying no more after her birthday but we all know that won't work. Glad to hear from a mom of 5 that it's a phase. :) and you're right -some of my most treasured moments with her are right before bed.

  15. I voted the other day and tried to vote again - it won't let me. It says one vote per person.

    I tried (I think you're a very generous sister-in-law and I know I would do the same for my SIL)


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