Monday, October 3, 2011

"Old" Love, Young Love

I really like my husband. I'm proud of our marriage and the relationship we have.

Do we have our disagreements? Absolutely. (He's always the wrong one, though.)

Do we fall into a rut of complacency at times? You betcha. (That happens if you let it.)

Do we sometimes "not like" each other? Uh huh. (Again. His fault, of course.)

But the majority of the time, things are pretty dang good.

So good, that I guess sometimes, the "kids" even look up to us...let me tell you the story...

Last Friday, we were invited to a wedding. Only it was Homecoming and we kinda felt that we had to make an appearance at the game, as well.

We decided to take the kids to the game, then brought them home and headed to the the incredibly fashionably late time of 9 pm. But hey, at least we made it, right?



The Mr. knew everyone (and their brother) that was there. It was the wedding of his God Mother's son, who are local farmers and are also clients and customers of my husband's. In attendance were many more local farmers, who were also clients and/or customers of my husband's.

So, what did this mean for Mama?

Well, I listened to conversations like this: "Soybean yields blah, blah, blah..." and "Corn maturity this..." and "Soil fertility that..." and "Silage...chopping..." and "Test plot results..." (are you bored yet? 'Cuz I was.)

Wasn't long and a good ol' country song came on...the Mr. was game for a dance, so off we went. Not sure if I've ever told you or not, but we like to cut a rug. Back in the day, we were pretty good at it...too many nights at home, however, have made us a bit rusty.

But that isn't to say we still don't try! ;) (Disclaimer: Photo from a couple years ago. Hard to get "couple" shots when I'm always the one behind the camera!)

Anyway, during one particular song, we looked over at a young couple we know, dancing cute and close and flirty, and I said, "Aww...look at them. Such young, fun love." We smiled wistfully, remembering the days when our love was "young", then got back to boogieing.

After that song ended, we made a beeline for the bathroom, and at the same time the wife of the young couple we were admiring left the dance floor too.

She grabbed my arm, and said, "I just told Adam, 'We need to be just like Mama and Mr. in 10 years!!'" I laughed at the irony of her we were, admiring their young love, at the same time they were admiring our "old" love!

Funny how 10 years qualifies as "old" love, huh? But I'll take it. It makes me happy to think that we're admirable!


  1. That is adorbs. I so love seeing couples that have kids and responsibilities taking time for their marriage. Its so inspiring. My marriage is still fairly young {2 1/2 years} and I hope we are just as in love as we are now in 10 or 15 years! :)

  2. What a wonderful comment to get! I bet you two looked wonderful.

  3. Awesome!!!! these days, 10 years is quite the wondrous occasion. CONGRATS


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