Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silliness with Sunglasses

Happy Saturday, my friends! My 4 youngest children are still sleeping in our hotel room after a very short night *yawn* and a very early morning.

My mission today? To not be a Crabasaurous Rex...I feel like the sleep I got last night was equivalent to the sleep that you get with a newborn. Snippets.

I don't do well with snippets.

But, anywho...forge on we must!

Just wanted to remind you...Five Question Friday is open (as always) until Sunday night! I hope you join in, there are some awesome vlogs this week! Oh, and for those of you that haven' should check out the details on my "2nd Annual Mr. Wonderfulest Contest"! It's gonna be fun!

Well, with that...I leave you with this:

Sometimes, sunglasses

Bring out

The sillies!!!


  1. Your son looks like he's rockin' the cool there, and BabyMiss is so adorable, even with her fingers jammed up her nose.

  2. Oh my....that was wonderful! Totally not expecting that one! Great Pictures!


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