Saturday, June 19, 2010

Parade Day!!

Oh, the benefits of having a big ol' truck and a big ol' trailer!

Today, this boy:

And this girl:

Get to be in a parade, on a float, while this daddy:

Pulls the trailer and this boy:

And this girl:

Sit inside with him.

Jury's still out on what this mama will do...ride along and snap photos, or make a mad dash for some last minute Father's Day gifts, before work.

Decisions, decisions...but, speaking of Father's Day...remember, the "2nd Annual Mr. Wonderfulest Contest" is tomorrow! Link up your post about the "Mr. Wonderful" in your life for a chance to win an awesome prize!! Visit the link to get more details!

Oh, and don't forget that Five Question Friday is open all weekend!

Okay...that's it. I'm done now.

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