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I ain't no Nurse! I'm a Mama!

Fevers, vague complaints of tummy pain, "neck" pain, and headaches, led me to take Hambone to the doctor today.

Lethargic and radiating heat (with fevers up over 104) we left with a diagnosis of strep throat and a strong recommendation to push fluids but not worry about food! (That much, I already knew!)

Home we went, only to get a fever spike of 105.4, which was enough to make me lose any and all nursing knowledge I had.

That's what happens to me when my kids are hurt or sick. It's as if I never spent four years of my life wearing sweatpants and ponytails and memorizing acronyms like ABG and VSD and learning needless details like what all the teeny tiny bones in your foot are named.

I'm cool as a cucumber with other people's kids...but when it's my own? Freakazoid, paranoid, spazoid.

I saw those four nasty numbers on the thermometer and I called the nurse line, only to get the calm reassurance that is exactly what I would've told a patient (how easily I forget these things). His temp gradually came down, he woke from his near comatose state (okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration...slight) and asked for "ramen noodles and pears".

Ooookkkkaaaaayyyy then. Whatever you want, baby. (Gah! Just look at those sick eyes! He could've asked me to stand on my head and recite the Gettysburg address backward, and I would've!)

So, ramen noodles and pears it was!

All three bites of it.

My normally scrawny kid looks emaciated to me! When you're 40 pounds of nothin', a few days of high fevers and little caloric intake does NOT do a body good! Look at those ribs!

Looks like I'll be cooking a whole lotta fattening, kid friendly meals in the next few days. (I see some food blogging in my future!)

Here's to hoping my baby boy is over the worst of this...that those nasty fevers don't come back and that he kicks this strep to the curb!

In the meantime...I'm all prepared with a pantry full of ramen noodles and pears.

Wanna come over for lunch?


  1. My kids would love to come over for lunch!

    Hope he's feeling much better soon.

  2. Oh, poor, sweet boy!! Hope tomorrow he feels back to himself!! :(

  3. Poor little guy. No matter how big mine get, when they are sick they remind me that they are my 'little' one.

    BTW- Ramen Noodles is my 9 yo's favorite food. Ever.

  4. I gotta say- pears and ramen noodles do not sound appetizing to me! Ha!

    I hope your little man feels better soon!

  5. Aww! I hope he feels better soon!

  6. Oh those eyes!! Poor baby! I hope he gets better really soon, and that you are then able to fatten him up in no time!

  7. I hope he's feeling better soon. I hate it when my kids are sick. It breaks my heart. I really don't know what to do. I'm a lightweight when it comes to anything medical.

  8. I will pass on coming over for lunch until there is no sickness!

    However, I could totally see giving him WHATEVER he wanted, so precious, and OMG can you bottle his metabolism? HAHAHAHA

  9. Hey friend... Sorry he is so sick! I heard strep was going around! Yes, we'll come for ramen! A favorite of ours!!! Cheap meal! Love ya. Stacy

  10. holy cow...I hear you about the high fever. I'm totally a freak when it comes to anything over 103. I am even paying an er bill for a fever of 104! (yes, it was an emergency to me- and he was totally lethargic- not responding when I SCREAMED his name, etc.) A. had lost about 11 pounds after his tonsilectomy...he looked a lot of ribby too! Peanut butter is your friend...lots of it. :) I hope the little man feels better soon.

  11. aww bless his heart! 105.4 Holy Moly this *sweet young mother* would have been sitting in the ER.. lol

    Hoping sweet little hambone is doing much better today. Looking foward to a yummy food post though ;)

  12. Poor kid! He really is looking pretty thin! Hope he feels better soon.

  13. I hope he's feeling better today, M. Nice to see you yesterday. I don't know about that Twitter account, I can barely keep up with my blog, FB and oh yeah all this crazy training I am doing! Speaking of training....come run with us sometime, it's a blast! Take care, have a great day : )

  14. I completely hear you on the bye bye nurse, hello mama thing! I try to remember that when I work on FBC too because I was a zombie when my kids were born too. Sometimes I have to remember those mamas are not themselves after delivery! Glad to hear he's feeling a bit better and hope he recovers fully very soon!

  15. Awww poor little guy!! I hope he is feeling better! It's kind of reassuring that even you, a nurse, freaks out a little when it comes to kids and them getting hurt and being sick. :)

  16. Feel better soon, little guy! I hope no one else gets it!! :)

  17. I hear ya! I'm a PEDIATRIC nurse but when it comes to my kids, I'm a plain mom all the way! My family keeps telling me "you're a nurse, you should know how to deal with this..." Yeah...I'm not a nurse to my kids! Plus, I'm an ICU and cardiac nurse, not a clinic nurse. I deal with sick kids, not healthy ones!
    Hope your little one feels better soon!

  18. Oh, that's the worst when they're so sick! I usually call my girlfriend who's a nurse. Then I call the doc's office and talk to that nurse. I sometimes need a double dose of nurse to get me through. Hope he's feeling better!

  19. I am the same way Mama! All my nursing goes out the window when it's one of my own! I hope he is feeling better soon!

  20. Ahh, makes me so sad for him. Being sick is the worst! I can't imagine what that fever must have felt like to him. Booooo.
    I hope he feels better super soon.

  21. I hope he's feeling much better! It's scary to see a number that high...been there, done that!

  22. I could have written this post myself- I have seen one too many heart transplant kids after a strep infection went badly...if my kids get fevers, I RUN them to the doctor stat. Seriously:) Hope little one is feeling better!

    Ramen noodles....yum. Brings back some memories of apartment living and night shift working straight out of college.

  23. Poor little fellow! I hope he's on the mend.
    My boys are tiny too and a bout with the flu leaves them scary looking!
    I'm glad to hear that nurses freak out about their own kids. It makes me feel more competent, somehow, sorta.


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