Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Late Night Date...

Seems these Sunday dates get late, sometimes!

I spent most of today at, probably, the most gorgeous home I've ever stepped foot into. Puts my dream house to shame, really.

I didn't want to leave...I kicked and cried and clung to the door jamb as they shooed me out the door. I made my body limp and chanted "HELL NO, I WON'T GO!!!"

Then, I sat on the front step until I got hungry and had to leave to eat something before my blood sugar plummeted and I got all crabby. Now, I'm picking the splinters from the door jamb out from under my fingernails.


But, anyway...enough about my's time for this week's date!

I am pleased to announce our Date as:

I'm Andrea, a southern newlywed married to my handsome handyman. I enjoy all things crafty and cheap, DIY, Southern favorites, cooking, and OK State football. Join me as I learn the ins & outs of married life, DIY, and eventually mommyhood.

She is the MOST amazingly crafty person...and I want her as my best friend! Stop on over there, see what she makes and tell her Mama sent you!

See ya in the am!

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