Monday, June 14, 2010

A Late Date!

Ack!! Sorry for the delay in posting this week's hot Date! We had a day FULL of baseball games yesterday, didn't get home until close to 11 am, then proceeded to have a child get a case of the yucky tummies.


So, anywho...I've got stuff to share today, so stay tuned for a few posts!! (And, case I've just made you wonder...I'm not pregnant.)

And now...this week's Date of the Week!!

Folks, say hello to:


I am a happily married SAHM of a cute son who blogs secretly (and therefore not regularly) about her experiences of motherhood and life apart from being a mom and the attempt to combine both.

Kyrsten is a native German with a fun, fun blog! She does this thing called "Things Tht Make My Day" (TTMMD), and they are sure to make YOUR day too! Stop on over and give Kyrsten a visit, tell her Mama sent you!!, I've gotta run kids to the start of our summer activities. quote dear Arnold, "I'll be bahck."

See you soon!!

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