Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend in Review...and a New Date!

Wowza! What a crazy fun weekend this has been!

For a coupla bumps-on-a-log my the Mr. and I are...we were quite social this weekend! Two nights out in a row!

Last night...I even sang a little karoke (I believe there may be photographic proof...let's just hope there's no video tho'!). Yes, it's true. My mama, my bro's awesome girlfriend (hmmmm...I need a nickname for her!!), and myself sang "I Will Survive"...hello new favorite karoke song!

I had a wee bit of buzz goin' on, stayed up wayyyyy too late, and then I slept in 'til 11:30 today...and woke to a gloriously beautiful, sunny day! I've gotta get my butt outside and enjoy this awesome day!

But, first...our latest Date of the Week!! Everyone say hello to Jennifer, from:

Thoughts from a 30 something on life, marriage, trying to have a baby and everything in between.

Check out my Personals page for more great blogs...we're growing everyday!


Don't forget to enter my Laurie Berkner giveaway! It's open through tomorrow night!

Now...I'm off for a little fresh air...

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