Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wow! What a day...

It was GO! GO! GO! from sun up 'til sun down today!

Miss E celebrated her First Communion today, and I woke to "Mom, can I put my dress on now?" Followed by (at 5, 10, 12.3, and 13.7 minutes, respectively...), "Mom, can I put my dress on now?" "Mom, now can I put my dress on?" "Mom, now?" "Can I put my dress on NOW, Mom?"

It was a beautiful day, all aspects of it! (Photos to come soon...)

Friday, we went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" with my bro, his girlfriend, and her son...and, lemme say...on behalf of ALL of us...WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!!

We loved it! Totally want to see it again.

Okay...I wasn't gonna post this tonight...but, I decided to anyway!

Our "Date of the Week" for this week is the lovely, the talented, the youmayknowheras @brideleon:

Domestic Engineer, married to my high school sweetheart, and mom of 2 little monkey's. I blog about life, love and the pursuit of quiet time. To mix it up a little, I throw in my little knowledge of being eco friendly. I enjoy spending time with my family, watching the never ending pile of laundry grow and listening to the lovely sound of my two kids playing ever so nicely together. Pass the wine and Motrin please!

Stop over, give her a little bloggy love, and tell her Mama sent you! ;)

If you'd like to be listed in my Personals...just click on the tab above for all the deets!

See ya in the am.

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