Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 Year Game!

Sandy Hop has tagged me to play in a fun little game...I've always loved playing tag (Freeze tag, Candy Bar tag, Dead Presidents tag anyone?!) so I'm jumpin' right on board!!

Here's the rules...

1. Post where you want to be in 10 years

2. Pass it on to 10 of your bloggy friends!

And here's who I'm tagging (you're it!!):

2. Kate
5. SIF

Since I'm a rule breaker and all, I'm stopping there (does anyone else feel guilty for picking and choosing?!)...anywho...if you are reading this...


And onto the task at hand...

On March 3rd, 2020 I will be one month and one day into what is said to be the greatest year of my 4th decade (or would it be 5th decade?!). I heard from my bestie the Unkept Cook (who is a terrible blogger, btw...hey, wait...tag YOU'RE IT! Blog fodder for you, my dear...) that the third year in every decade of your life is the best...I'd argue 13, but otherwise...I think she's onto something! handsome Mr. and I will have just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary, and we will be planning a "repeat" honeymoon to Hawaii for our 20th!

We will be down to 4 kiddos at home (*sniff, sniff*), and will be incredibly proud and amazed at our 24 (TWENTY freakin' FOUR!!!) year old and the path he has chosen in life.

I will be still be working part-time as a nurse...hopefully with some daytime hours involved since all of my children will be in school...yikes...ages of said school children?

18, 16, 14, 12. Hello throes of teenagedom. Lord help me Jesus!!!

My Miss E. will be a senior in high school, so we will be looking forward to a summer filled with graduation parties...and a (*holding back tears*) fall trip delivering her to...(*sob*) college!!

My boys will be best buds...wrestling for the varsity (hubby's dream...not really mine...) team and going to state.

And my baby girl will be approaching womanhood. (*I am now a blubbery mess*)

Our shrinking family will be living on the Mr.'s dream hobby farm and living IN MY dream home...replete with MANY windows and natural light for my food blogging. ;)

Speaking of will have become a tradition for the @imaginaryfriends (which I'm sure will have grown...) to meet once a year and have waaaayyyyyy too much fun!

So, let's see...10 years from now? That'll be our 10th get together?!

I will have FINALLY won one of the Pioneer Woman's giveaways (preferably a stay at the Lodge), and I will still be enjoying blogging about life, love, and labor and delivery.

My heart will be full, my house quiet (oh, please let the next 10 years go by SLOWLY...I don't like quiet), and my life blessed.

And, may I remember to live in the moment these next 10 years and not be so swept up in the business of life, that I forget to enjoy this time.

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