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Not Me Monday--with a Date! has been a long, long while since I've done Not Me Monday! So, what the heck, let's give it a go, huh?

Okay...but, first...I need to take care of some "Personals" business!! :D was the Mr.'s birthday I let him have the whole day on my blog (aren't I a great wife?!!)...but, we need to find out who this week's "Date" is, right?!!

Let me announce to you, that this week's Date of the Week is:

Southen Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts

Wife to incredibly talented husband, mom to three spunky children. Loves to sew and take pictures. Bed hair to be reckoned with. Messiest neat freak you will ever met. Trying to be hip AND drive a minivan at the same time.

Head on over and visit her...leave her a little love! Tell her Mama M. sent you!

Now...onto Not Me, Monday!!

This week, I most certainly did not find myself slack-a-lackin' like crazy! Heavens, no! And, my sah-weet super slacker skillz did not result in a heaping pile of laundry that made me want to cry every time I saw it! Oh, no! Not me! I am "Ultra Organized Mom" (hey...there's alter ego super hero name...) and I would never let my housework go!

I have not been staying up waaayyyy too late lately (is that too many lately's???). Nope...I do not find myself dragging through the day, only to perk up at night and start the vicious circle over again! Ugh. Grrrr...I am a grown woman and I would never ever ever never stay up waaaayyyy past my bedtime night after night. Uh uh...Not Me!

Today, we are not spending the entire day at a waterpark. Nope...I would never be brave enough to take all of my kiddos (plus a kiddo's friend) to a waterpark...nor, would I ever be a fun enough mama to attempt such an adventure! Just ask my kids...they'll tell you that's...Not Me!! ;)

Alright...there it is!

I'm goin' dark now...for a little lifeguard duty at the park...

Later friends!


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