Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss E's Big Day...

Yesterday, was a big day for our Miss E.

For the first time, she received Holy Communion...and, it was a perfectly beautiful day for it!

Here is our day in technicolor...(Let me just say, I've always thought the tradition of dressing up our First Communicant daughters as little brides was a bit strange...but, it was really fun when it actually came time to do it! And, of course, I didn't think it was weird yesterday!)


Bits and pieces:

At church:

Group photo time:

Reading her petition (in which she did a FABULASTIC!!! job...ahem...not that, you know, I'm biased or anything...):

And, now...the party!

Me and my girl:

My girl and her dad: (Photos of all three of us were *gag*...on my part.)

The Godparents: (Mr. W's sis and my big bro)

And...the tribe has spoken...popular vote on the success of the day?

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