Saturday, March 20, 2010

All About Celebrities...

Silly stuff for Saturday...

I am all whacked out crazy about celebritites the last few days...first came the announcement that the ever so adorable Pioneer Woman's book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" has been optioned by Sony Pictures to be made into a movie.

(From Google Image)
A movie!!!

And...that Reece Witherspoon (LOVE her!!) is interested in playing her! (Dear Reece, if you're reading this...please say yes. 'K?)

This is me, hoping for a midnight viewing of THAT movie (I'm a weirdo, I know...and, I'll fully admit it!).


And then...


Oh my gosh, I can hardly type, I'm all goofy with excitement...

Two of my favorite artists of all time, together on one stage...Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett on Crossroads (CMT).


I felt like a freaked out teeny-bopper watching just a tiny little snippet at my parents house this morning (they TiVo'd it, DVR'd it? Somethin'...).


I wish I coulda been there in person.

Except, I'm quite certain I would've embarrassed myself...I mean, you know what "Chicken Fried" does to me...can you imagine if I were there in real life?


For sure. to work (again) tonight...and tomorrow? It's my love's birthday!

Mr. Wonderful's gettin' old (but remains, still, incredibly handsome...)!!

Love ya hon'!

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