Thursday, September 1, 2011

Open House.

Last night, I flew into town by the seat of my pants.

Having just returned from the Mayo Clinic (and an 87 hour wait at Sonic), my mom drove past our kid's school and I did a "tuck and roll" maneuver out of the car and slid (rolled?) into our kiddo's elementary school just as "Open House" was ending.

I talked with a couple of teachers, saw how excited my kids were for school to start (except for Hambone...who doesn't really get excited about much. Totally a "go with the flow" kid...VERY unlike his baby sister who is as anti-go with the flow as they come), he was all "meh...yeah. Sure, I'm excited." And then he repeated a movie a line or twelve and did a couple of "karate moves".

The realization hit me today, that I really despise this time of the year. It's like summer, but it's not. It's like fall, but it's not. It's hot and humid one day, then cool the next. Summer, fall, summer, fall. I get confused.

And the scenery around here? Blah. Yellowing corn, browning grass, dead potatoes...and haze. As much as I don't want summer to end, I don't want this blech to stick around. As much as I'd love to continue with the fun, care-free days of summer, I despise this in-between time.

So, I guess I will take my children's leads (except Hambone...who isn't not excited, he's just not, well, excited.)...I will stop resisting the return of school/fall. I will look forward to school resuming and the weather cooling. I will welcome, with open arms, the schedules, the routine, the waking up at the butt-crack of dawn.

Okay, I lied.

I want summer back.


  1. Glad we have started school but now all the sudden I have energy to finish summer projects i never got to this summer. Glad you got to go to open house

  2. Can you send me some of the cooler weather? Pretty Please?

  3. It is starting to feel cold there? Because it's still so hot here and I hate having frizzy hair from this humidity. It almost defeats flat ironing.

  4. I totally feel you on this. I'm actually kinda depressed this year about fall. Usually I look forward to the cooler weather, cozy nights, school starting...but for some reason, it feels like summer had just started! Where did it go?? Come back....PUL-EASE!


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