Monday, September 5, 2011

Bullet Points.

Today, because it is Labor Day, because school starts tomorrow, and because I neglected to post anything else this weekend, I'm giving you a list.

  • In Bullet Point Form. ;)
  • We were supposed to stain our deck today.
  • Our deck is wet from rain that a literal black cloud over our house dumped on it.
  • The humidity is 100%.
  • Doesn't look like that deck's gonna dry out soon.
  • Which means we need to find a Plan B for today.
  • Anyone?
  • My husband let me sleep in until 10:30 today.
  • Scratch that, Baby let me sleep in until 10:30...she's my real alarm clock.
  • My husband then let me crawl back into bed and brought me breakfast.
  • Per my request.
  • I dreamed last night that I moseyed over to The Pioneer Woman's house and she was so welcoming to have me. Even when she found me crouched in her turnip bed.
  • Dreams are so random and weird.
  • I have a funny "small town country" living story for you. Perhaps later today.
  • Or tomorrow.
  • That's a 9 year old is gunning for getting her ears pierced on her birthday coming up. She's now cornered my husband and is going all "Philadelphia Attorney" on him.
  • Off to rescue my husband.
Happy Labor Day!


  1. Yay for sleeping in! My little one slept in until 9:00 yesterday morning, it was wonderful!! Best of luck to your kids on their first day of school tomorrow!

  2. How wonderful to get to sleep in! Glad the baby and husband let you sleep.

  3. Sleeping in is always a treat!

  4. Sleeping in totally rocks! :) Hope you have a wonderful afternoon. :)

  5. Hi Mama M....Glad you got to sleep in. That was nice of hubby to cater to you...and nice that baby slept in too.

    Sorry the deck can't get stained...but there will always be another time for that.

    I know dreams can be so weird. I always dream I am back in High School and can't remember my locker combination, or find my classrooms! That is crazy, cuz I am 61 years old! Ha!

    Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day with family.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Wow...staining a deck sounds SUPER exciting...kinda happy for you that it rained :)



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