Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Ginormous Sigh.

We did it! We survived our inaugural night as religion teachers!


And, we both thought it went pretty well.

The Pal though? He's feeling awkward about it. The subject matter is touchy one to have your parents teach you (but really, who ELSE should teach you?!), so he's contemplating switching classes.

We'd love to keep him in ours (he's fun, funny, and a good kid to have in a group setting)...but we want to respect his comfort level with this subject. So, the decision will be his.

I'll be totally honest with you, I actually DID enjoy teaching this! I haven't looked ahead in our book to see what kind of territory we venture into, but I have the feeling that we're headed in a good direction.

Of course, the kids might tell you something different. ;)

All in all...I'll admit, that I'm pretty proud of us! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement, your prayers, your thoughts and your jokes to lighten my mood!

I'll probably be calling on you again next week at the 11th hour when I start to worry...prepare yourself.


  1. Good work! I wondered that about The Pal, but like you said he can switch classes if he is more comfortable. It really is great to talk about that topic at that age, I know I never had that and it was a very confusing time.


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