Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Belle

To My Wonderful, Amazing Belle:

I know I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it again...when you arrived, one week after terror, horror, and fear struck our nation, it was like God had sent us a message, directly from Heaven, that everything was going to be okay.

YOU were that message. Your sweet disposition reminded us that there was still so much good in this world.

10 years. How did 10 years go so fast?

How are you suddenly double digits? And when did you get to be such a good bargainer?

You have been working your magic on us for the last month, or so, about getting your ears was the hard one to win over, but I think you've almost got him convinced. You write out your "speeches" that you are going to give him, then leave them strategically placed so that he will "discover" them.

Mature beyond your years, you astound me with your responsibility. You are intelligent, organized, and ambitious...unless it comes to housework. (I think you take after me!)

It is so surreal, watching you become a young lady before our very eyes. You have such a wholesome sweetness about you, I hope and pray that you always stay true to yourself. Belle, you are too wonderful to change yourself for anyone or anything.

You are the light of our lives.

We love you SOOOOOO much!
Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Belle!!! You have so many wonderful years ahead of you! and I know your momma is so proud of you for all that you have been for her over these past 10 years! Just remember your momma will always love you to the moon and back even when your an adult! a mothers love will never change :)

  2. You warm my heart every time I read your words to your children. The love you share and have for them is so refreshing. (Plus the fact that you make me laugh so many times with your stories!)
    Happy Birthday sweet Belle. I have a feeling we'll be hearing of a pierced ears trip very soon.

  3. she is such a beauty...sounds like you're raising a great young lady mama! happy birthday belle!


  4. What wonderful words to your little/BIG girl. Happy Birthday Sweet Belle! She is a keeper and beautiful too!

  5. Time really does fly! Your daughter is a beauty and I love that shirt she has on in the first picture!


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