Thursday, September 8, 2011

The First Day of School...Take Two.

So, our Hambone? Yeah, he's pretty hilarious...and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know it!

He came home from school on Tuesday, his first day of school EVER, and I heard smatterings of "girlfriend" here and there from the kids. Finally, I asked him, "Hambone, do you have a girlfriend?"

His reply, "Yup!" *big cheesy grin*

Me: "Well, what's her name?"

Him: "Hmmmmm...I dunno!"

With that response, I figured we were safe. No need to start looking for reception halls just yet...until I spied him with a Ziploc bag.

Me: "Hambone, what's that?"

Him: "It's a piece of gum...FOR MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Uh a piece of gum the new 12 carat diamond?!

Later, at supper...

Me: "So, Hambone, tell Dad about your girlfriend."

He: "I have a girlfriend!"

Mr.: "Really? What's her name?"

He: "I dunno!!"

All of us, chuckling: "Well, what does she look like?!"

He: "Um...she has brown hair, blue eyes...AND A CUTE FACE!!"

And then we died a thousand deaths of laughter.

If nothing else, this year should be interesting, at the very least!


  1. So cute!!! LOL! I love your conversations, blogging is such a fun way to save them! ;)

  2. the gum wasn't already chewed, was it? LOL

  3. Love it! Can't wait to hear how this romance progresses! Pretty soon they'll be sitting together in the lunch room!

  4. Oh...and I was wondering if the gum was chewed as well!

  5. oh my word too cute, do you want to sneak into school and look at her

  6. He most definitely picked a winner. Maybe her name is I Dunno . lol


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