Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did you guess right?

Oh my word. Volunteer here, run there, volunteer again, run some more, dance a jig, turn in circles, remember where I put my head...no wonder I've been such a blogging failure!

I totally meant to post the answer to yesterday's little guessing game, well, yesterday...but life happened, a certain someone got a certain something done (more on this later...another guessing game, perhaps?)...oops, hold please, home work calls...*cue elevator music*...okay, back now. Did you enjoy the Musak?

Okay...so...oh, yeah! Yesterday's post.

If you guessed...

~*~*~*~*~*~*FANTASY FOOTBALL*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
(Do you like how I made that all girly?)
(Fantasy Football is rolling over in it's grave right now.)

You were spot on!!

When I received an email from (what appeared to be) my brother-in-law, via Facebook, for a Fantasy Football league, I scoffed and considered replying: "The only fantasy I have about football involves Tom Brady!" In fact, I more than considered...I totally was going to, but got distracted and never got a chance to.

THANK YOU GOD!!! Because, as it turns out, this league is headed by my nephew! My 15 year old nephew sent out that email and OH MY LORD!! Can you imagine if I had replied to him with that?!


So now, my inbox is flooded with NFL this and draft that and so and so made a trade and TOM BRADY. Supper talk revolves around names like "Drew Brees" and "Eric Decker" (a local boy, thankyouverymuch) and "TOM BRADY" and who should trade whom for whomever (whatever).

The best part of this whole thing, tho?

My boy's team name.

Are you ready for this?

It is...

"My Mom Thinks Tom Brady is Hot...*gag*."


For real...ready?

"Mama's Boys"

Love that kid. :)


  1. Love it :) I joined my first fantasy football league this year, basically it's me with my husband and 5 of his friends. I'll show them though, I kicked butt the last two weeks! And, I have to say naming my team has been the most exciting part. Given my current 'with child' status it only seems appropriate to go with: "Once Slipped Past My Defense"

  2. Fantasy football has been flirted with in my house but has not taken over yet! This time of year the husband is hung own Deer Hunting so nothing can distract him from that! But I will not complain because my computer does not become hostage to that sport. lol Oh and on the other guessing game, I bet Bella got her ears pierced. She probably caught the Mr. in a heated moment during FF and he just said a quick yes!! haha

  3. Fantasy football has taken over our house too! Luckily it's just my husband who plays, I might play next year, but I don't know how well I would do. Love the name... so cute and I know it makes you bean with pride!

  4. a certain something done, I say someone got the big V, it is the talk with all my friends here, I wondered if it was national V month


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