Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laughing at myself...

Comment Update: THANK YOU to everyone for testing the comments! I think the "glitch" has been figured out, thanks to many of you! If you have a hard time commenting, uncheck the "keep me signed in" box when you sign into Blogger or Google! You guys rock.

Now, onto the original post for today:

Last night, as the Mr. and I were winding down our day, laying in bed (hey, hey now...get your mind out of the gutter! I was on my 'puter, he was reading...) I happened to come across an old post of mine that had me laughing at my own stories!

Well, that post led to another that led to another that led to another and I just HAD to share them with you again! I really feel that these posts capture my sense of humor and the way I talk in real life!

So, for the sake of a good, silly laugh, enjoy these!

Then there's the Birth Story of my firstborn.

The unfortunate demise of my bladder.

Then we have the incredibly weird and goofy vlog. Prepare yourself for my weirdness...

Finally, there is one of my favorite "Talkin' Shop" posts..."Mucous Plugs".

Hope you enjoy them on the second go 'round, too!


  1. I'm going to check them out...you can't go wrong with the Talkin Shop posts, those crack me up. On a side note, my husband thinks "mucous plug" is the grossest thing in the whole world, so of course I had to talk about it a lot when I was pregnant. :)


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