Monday, June 27, 2011

This kid...

He cracks us up. Daily.

Need a movie line? Ask the Hambone. And don't bother arguing with him about it, 'cuz he'll be right.

He has goofy sense of humor...silly, a little off beat, dry.

The other day, he was sitting at the table, eating lunch with his buddy, while I was nearby enough to listen in on their conversation.

Hambone: "Jesus came from Mary."

Friend: "Jesus is God."

Hambone: "Yeah, and Mary and Joseph got to hold Jesus."

Friend: *pausing...solemn* "I wish Jesus didn't die."

Hambone: *chipper* "Oh! He didn't...'cuz on the third day he was *insert whispery, mysterious, kinda freaky Hambone voice here* alllliiiiiiiiive!"

O.M.G. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I just about died, right there on the kitchen floor, from fits of stifled laughter.


  1. I LOVE to listen to the little ones talk..especially about God!It just amazes me the things that they say! What an awesome conversation to overhear!

  2. What an awesome conversation for you to overhear! :) Gotta love the little ones and their view of the world.

  3. LOL...too cute! Love the mysterious voice to go with it! :)

  4. From the mouth of babes.
    When kids talk about events from the Bible it is
    NEVER boring or mundane like we adults sometime make it.
    Gotta love it!!

  5. That is totally adorable! Good job teaching him the truth!

  6. That is so awesome! And way too cute! I don't have kids yet, but seriously, it's moments like this that make me want to have them!! Thanks for posting!

  7. That is just about the most fabulous conversation I've ever heard (read). :) LOVE IT!


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