Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Real Time...

I'm starting to see a "Real Time" posts are becoming my go-to Sunday night post!

Anyway, I had zero to none computer time...wait..."none computer time"? Sounds like my 3 year old. Where was I? Oh, yeah...none computer time. This weekend. Busy. Work. No play. More work.

I'm sitting here, trying to keep mine eyes open (hey, may as well stick with the 3 year old grammar) and wondering how on earth my belly got so jiggly. And my thighs. Oh, yeah...and my butt, too. Just ask my kids, they'll giggle and laugh and just about die from humor telling you about my jiggly butt.

Back to Real Time...I just finished a giveaway post. Have you checked out the one I've got going on with BlogHer and Gatorade? Good stuff!

I'm dreading the morning, for two reasons. 1. I know I'll need about 37 more hours of sleep, and 2. It means I have to face the pig sty that is my home.

Oh, yeah...the Mr. was a crazy workin' fool this weekend too (and, I use "too" loosely, since I could never, really, be classified as a "crazy workin' fool"...I just like to pretend I am), so that meant our house was unattended to (cleanliness-wise) long enough to stuff to accumulate. Ugh. Anyone have a backhoe for sale? I'd love to buy it and just bring it over to scoop out the clutter in my house.

But I did sweep the deck! I know. Yay me. Right? Honestly though (and yes, I am fishing for praise) the massive piles of oak tree "flowers" (or so I'm told that's what they are) were threatening the integrity of our deck with their sheer weight.

Our deck is now "de-flowered". *snort* *giggle* *chuckle*

O-KAY! Alrighty then, when I start cracking myself up with stupid jokes I know it's time to hit the's to a good night's sleep that at least feels like 37 hours.


  1. I "hired" my kids to clean the house over the summer... told them I would pay half of what I would pay a cleaning/maid service if they did the work and did it right.

    Seems to be working... but this is only week two. I will keep you posted.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Yay for sweeping the deck! :) And I'm sure you did such a wonderful job! (Was that enough praise to validate your hard work? Or do I need to pour it on thicker? ;) )

    I have so much to do around this sty today, too. Not sure where to start. Crazy-busy weekend and running in and out leaves the place wrecked.

  3. Consider yourself PRAISED for getting ANYTHING done on a work weekend! This is Sandy- BTW...blogger sucks my arse and isn't letting me sign in!


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