Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heads Up! Mr. Wonderfulest Contest...SOON!

Since the dawn of this very blog, I have hosted a contest that I call, the "Mr. Wonderfulest Contest"! (Psssst...I know I made it sound as if I've done THOUSANDS of these's only the third. So?!)

Well, this year is no exception! I know we all write Father's Day posts in honor of our wonderful, amazing, fabulous, devoted husbands, dads, grandpas, etc., and I love reading about each and everyone of them!

The last two years, I have opened a linky for everyone to link their Father's Day posts to...then, for the following week, I pour over, debate, cry, laugh, wring my hands, pull out my hair, and, finally, enlist my husband to help me decide which entry is most deserving of the title "Mr. Wonderfulest"! (The First Mr. Wonderfulest Winner and last year's Mr. Wonderfulest Winner.)

This year, however, there's gonna be a twist!

LinkyTools now has a "Like" feature, and so this year YOU get to help! With my approval, the post with the most "Likes" will take home the title and the prize...(which is yet to be determined, but sure to be very worth your while!).

So...mark your Sunday, Father's Day, June 19th, 2011, I will open up a linky list on my own post (which is excluded from the contest, duh...) about my Mr. Wonderful. I will leave the linky open until the morning of Tuesday, June 21st, just to give any stragglers the chance to enter!

Looking forward to "meeting" all of your wonderful men! (Keep in mind, this post isn't exclusive to married women...Mr. Wonderfulest could be your dad or brother or uncle or, heck, your favorite neighbor dude!)


  1. This is too adorable!! I can't wait to check out the entries. We don't celebrate Father's Day until September in Australia, by then my husband will be back in Afghanistan, sigh, another Father's Day where i have to play Dad - oh maybe i'll get the read the paper, watch sports & eat steak, all made by my wonderful children?? It's such a great idea, i might steal it for when it's our husbands' turn!! Love Posie
    (not anonymous, damn blogger won't let me sign in, argh!!


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