Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Practicing for the 4th

My husband works in a field (HA!! Literally...) that is crazy busy during two seasons of the year, and slightly less busy during the other two.

He sells seed for Pioneer and is an agronomist (isn't that a sexy word?), which means he tests soil for farmers and advises them on what to add as well as checking their fields for weeds and bugs while crops are growing so he can advise them on which pesticides to use. (Oh, the horrors, I KNOW! Pesticides. However, he claims their "agenda" is to first get the soil healthy so that the use of chemicals is less.)

Anywho...what this means for our family, is that during the two most glorious seasons in MinneSOOOOta (spring and fall) our husband/father is a working fool. 16 hour days. Sun-up to sun-down. Comes home covered in mud/poop or dust/bug guts, dependant on the season. And, doesn't even make overtime...the joys of owning a business.

Typically, once the 4th of July hits, it's smooth sailing until fall harvest...which means that we finally get our husband/daddy back. And can finally have some cotton pickin' family time!!

We love the 4th of July...for the holiday and for the beginning of actually being able to finally celebrate summer as a family!

Mr. Wonderful must be especially looking forward to the 4th this year (it's been a bad year...loads of rain, farmers unable to get into fields, seed exchanges, blech) 'cuz the other day, he came home with some "fireworks" (in quotes, 'cuz anything that explodes in the air is illegal in MN...well, except bottle rockets, I, really they're more "firecrackers")...our kids were insanely excited to light off their fireworks!

And have a race to see who's went the farthest (why does everything have to be a contest?!)!

I forgot who won, but the 30 seconds it lasted was fun...and gave us a taste of what is soon to come!

(BTW...when I was a kid, the 4th of July always marked the middle of summer for me, for some reason. And now, I can't get that out of my, I feel like summer is 1/2 over when it's barely just begun!! Oh, and spoiler alert: In 6 days the days will start getting shorter. Ugh. I always hated hearing that. I'm sorry.)


  1. How fun! Strange state rules. In KS we can shoot things into the air (outside of city limits) but Bottle Rockets are out of the question. We have to sneak over to Missouri if we want those. Something about them landing on roofs and setting houses ablaze - but whatever...

  2. Say it ain't so! I love weeding my garden at 9 p.m after the littles are snug in their beds. The idea of shorter days already kinda makes me tear up a little...

    Happy summer :)

  3. That's funny...the 4th of July feels like the middle of summer to me also. Crazy! Have a great celebration!


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