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I have a favor...I need your help.

Word on the street is that some people can't comment on my, now I'm all worried that I have inconvenienced people and driven them away from commenting!

So, if you are having a hard time commenting (something about the "embedded comment form" vs. the other forms?) will you please email me and let me know? I'm wondering how wide spread this is and if I need to consider switching comment forms!

My email address is: fivecrookedhalos (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks friends!


  1. Wahoo! I can comment... we shall see once I press "post comment." Haha :-D

  2. I changed my comments to a pop up window and it seems to work... Apparently that seemed to stop some people commenting. Hopefully they will fix it so I can change it back because I don't like pop up comments.

  3. I can comment. I just haven't been lately :)

  4. Sandy Here- I think the issue for me is in Blogger. It's not lettin gme sign in to leave a comment - BUT I'm signed in since I linked here from my google reader. It did the same thing on Kate's blog just a few minutes ago.

  5. It sure looks like it works to me...

  6. I can comment now, but the issue was blogger wasn't letting us use our google accounts. People could still select to comment another way- I was using name/url.

    The problem was only on embedded comments, though. If you have them a pop up, people could still use google.

  7. I was having trouble with commenting on several blogs and the only way it would work for me is to go to google chrome, but if you had a place where we could put in our name and URL it would work..very irritating when you spend alot of time writting a comment and then it won't post.

  8. I just came out of the same problem and one tiny thing fixed it all!

    When logging into blogger, uncheck 'keep signed in' and it should work like a charm! Clearly, if you're already signed in - just sign out and sign back in!

    Fingers crossed!

  9. I can usually comment - and love your stories!

  10. I don't think I've had a problem with commenting.
    But I'll let you know if I have a problem.
    Have a great week!

  11. I tried the other day and failed, but looks like it's taking my comment tonight!

  12. I was told the other day that folks were having a hard time commenting on mine too. I was told to go to "full page" on comments. I did that but don't know how it's comments since then. :-) If you get a chance..hop over and let me know. Yours is working fine for me.

  13. People tell me all the time they can't comment on mine. :( But... fun fact... (or not fun, really) - I can comment easily on anyone's blog from home (where i am now), which is firefox. But at work (internet explorer), i cannot comment on any blog unless it has it where it's a pop-up & not embedded. Annoying! Hope you figure it out. :)

  14. Im testing the comment section for you.

  15. I'm testing as well!

  16. This post will surely bring the loiters on your blog out of hiding and make them comment.

    Love your words and I'm able to comment - obviously :-)

  17. I was having a hard time commenting on several blogs too... it would always take me back to "login"... I decided to uncheck the "remember me" box and since then I haven't had a problem at all... some sort of glitch?

  18. I've been having some problems too...I set the settings as a pop up window instead. But of course I'm just commenting to test this out :)

  19. Well that kinda sucks, don't it.

    All is good for me.

  20. I've heard this as well on my blog, but near as I can tell, all's good on yours. Obviously. Wow! Lots of comments. :)

  21. Definitely a Blogger glitch- I agree with the other comments saying it kept making me log in, and then it wouldn't work. I haven't been able to comment on ANY Blogger blogs for a few weeks, and I haven't been getting many commments on mine either. So frustrating!!

  22. (When I unchecked "stay signed in", it worked!)


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