Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St. Nick...

He was here...

Boots by the door (as opposed to "Pants on the Ground")...

Bits of St. Nick left in the fireplace...

Kids were pleased with their loot...and even more pleased that he had given "Fritz" our Elf on the Shelf his magic back! Seems as tho his magic was ruined because he didn't *ahem* move for several days.

Phew! St. Nick came just in the nick of time to fix Fritz! ;)

Mr. E.W. asked in the car, the other day, "Mom, Christmas is about Jesus and St. Nick, right?"

Me: "Well, no. Christmas is about Jesus, and the celebration of his birthday. St. Nick plays a very small part in you know what St. Nick did?"

Which proceeded to a brief history about dear old St.'s what I told them: (this is right off the top of my head...I'm pulling out stuff I learned years ago in Saturday morning CCD classes, so don't quote this as gospel! *snicker*)

"St. Nick was a kind old man who wanted to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so he secretly gave presents to people at nighttime, to help with the celebration!"

Have you ever seen or heard of the "Kneeling Santa"? I came across the story a few years ago, and it really touched me. We have a decoration of Santa kneeling by the manger with baby Jesus it in...I love it.

It warms my heart and helps me to remember why we celebrate Christmas!


  1. We do the Elf on the Shelf as well! So fun.. E is really into it this year. She loves to find him every morning.

    I have never heard of the Kneeling Santa but I am def. going to check that out.

    Have a good one girlie

  2. The Elf of the Shelf is awesome. We adopted one this year after ELFIE showed up at our front door. I have done funny post and put pics up on the blog about him partying with barbies and having fun in the casa. Just last night he made a mess in the kids bathroom, he has left prizes for the kids. Truly magical

  3. we have a kneeling santa too! he is on our christmas morning breakfast table every year :) and we also got the story book a couple years ago...after all,CHRISTmas is all about Jesus!


    Check this link out. I like this website to help explain it to others. He was a Bishop and was known for his charity and spirit of giving. Have a great day!

  5. I don't know what any of that is, but I think what you did to keep the "spirit" up and alive is so awesome. Mouthy and Punk are now non-believers, sniff sniff.

  6. St. Nicholas popped by our house as well. I used to love celebrating it when I was little. There was so many parties on St. Nick's Eve in Europe.

    St. Nicholas day is celebrated as an anniversary of his death.

    Stopping by from SITS and loving your blog.


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