Thursday, December 23, 2010

I think I might've spilled the beans...

I've been replaying a scene over and over in my head.

Our Belle is 9...nearing the end of her belief in the magic of Santa, I'm quite sure. One night, a couple of weeks ago, we were lying in her bed...she, (obviously, you'll see why soon...) contemplating the important stuff in the world; me, mindlessly playing Words with Friends on my phone.

I remember her asking, "Mom, is Santa a spirit?"

And, without thought, I muttered, "Mmmmm hmmmm." Totally intent on trying to manipulate my letters into triple point words.

It was only later that I realized what she may have been asking. The oh so important, "Is Santa Claus real?" question...and I may have just brushed off all her childhood innocence with a casual, "mmmm hmmm".


Ugh! What do I do?!

Should I bring it up to her? Wait to see if she asks again? If I do bring it up to her, how do I do so without raising questions if she really didn't have any?!!

ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Sometimes, I could just slap myself. I wish I had a rewind button...'cuz I'd do this one allllllllll over.



  1. We told my nine year old this year. There were a lot of signs that she was ready to know and it went ok. I would maybe bring it up to her casually and see if she asks again, then tell her. I'm pretty sure it was harder on me to tell her then it was for her to hear it. :-(

  2. You know, I have four kids (26, 24, 13 and 8) and I have never had that conversation with any of them. We just BELIEVE. :) Yes, that includes me. Sure, I can remember the three older ones asking at one point or another. But since I'm a total believer in all that 'Santa' is, I didn't have to fake it or make anything up. You see, to me Santa is...
    the spirit of giving.
    the desire to make others happy.
    that bubbly giddiness we feel increasingly as Christmas draws nearer.

    Sure, I know he isn't an actual flesh and blood person, but doggone it he IS real! He is everything that is magical and good about Christmas. He is all the attributes that make people good. And no,this doesn't conflict with my Christian values because you know that picture of Santa on bended knee by the manger? That pretty well sums it all up. :)

  3. I would leave it unless she brings it up again. I'm totally a believer in Santa and all that he represents.

    I remember growing up and finding out the "truth" and being rather upset by it. Then my mom asked me if I believed in make-believe. I answered yes, I did and so she told me that as long as I believed in make-believe, I could believe in anything I wanted.

    I carry that statement with me today and when my kids get to the "is Santa real?" stage, I'll use my mom's wisdom and hope that they too will carry it forward with them into their adult lives.

  4. I say wait and see if she brings it back up, she may have moved on and not put any thought into it at all

  5. I would wait. I talked with Lucas after Easter when he was 9.

  6. In my house we never stop believe. You stop believe and you don't get as many gifts. My mom til this day still tells me, a 21 year old mommy and wife, that Santa is real.

  7. Santa is the spirit of Christmas. I have never told my kids (10, 12, 14) that a big fat guy dressed in red brings their gifts. I don't have anything against others that choose to do so, however . :o) My brother and I didn't grow up with the belief of Santa, so we've never introduced him to our kids either.

    And it also could have been the picture of me on Santa's lap when I was 14 months old screaming my fool head off. Thanks, Mom and Dad.


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