Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gift Guide Winners!

Oh my word! Clearly, all the turkey I ate last week went to my brain! I totally forgot to choose our winners of Christine's awesome crafty goodies!

We had 10 people link up...and 8 comments. Some quick math tells me that's 18 entrants and so, without further ado...I present to you the numbers gave me!

17--Jill from Hagler Happenings!! Who posted her fabulous teacher gift ideas! (You win the Personalized Gift Tags!)

5--Pam from Troop Petrie! Who posted some incredibly decadent looking pumpkin muffins! (You win the Busy Mom's Calendar!)

4--KT from My Journey: the Past, the Present, and the Future! Who posted some beautiful homemade placemats! (You win the Holiday Traditions album!)

Congrats ladies! Shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with Christine!

Thanks so much for linking up your fabulous ideas! Remember, the next theme is "Teacher Gifts"...I dunno about you, but I need some major help in this area, so spread the word! Maybe we can get some teachers to link up about what they enjoy receiving!!

(PS...will you check out my post on Text Safety for Teens? I'll be doing an interview with my own teen, and I'm looking for questions and/or comments, as BOTH raise $1 for!! Thanks, guys!!)


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    I love the next "theme!" I was a teacher for 6 years (this is my first year as a SAHM!) I always liked to get "practical gifts" or gift cards!! I also sell decorative wooden signs, and I can personalize them for teachers!

    Let me know if you would interested in hosting a giveaway for one of the signs :)

  2. for some reason I always leave out the word "be"

  3. Sorry to crowd your comment boxes! My email address is:

  4. WOO Hoo, How did I miss this. how do I send you information


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