Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Confession time, with Mama M.

I've gotta come clean about something. You see...there's something I didn't tell you.

I told myself I was doing it for your own good...that you didn't have anything to gain by me telling you. So, I just kept it to myself.

But, there's been a turn of events...so, I feel I must share.

*Great big, hearty sigh*...

A couple of weeks ago (oh, I can hardly say it)...a while back (ugh, this is killing me)...well, okay...you see...(I've just gotta spill it)...


*Looks around innocently*...what?

Don't hate...'cuz there's more to the story.

Yeah...so, I was all caught up on laundry. In my smugness...in my patting myself on the back...I didn't say anything, 'cuz I'd heard of this chick named Karma, and I heard she's a b*tch. I didn't want Karma coming after me, so I just went about my merry little business...tossing in a load here, folding a load there, putting things away as they were ready.

I'll admit...I gloated. It may have been to myself...but I did.

Turns out tho...that Karma is a b*tch even if you gloat privately. Even if you don't boast to the world and "sing it loud for all to hear" (name that movie)...Karma...she'll getcha every time.

(Courtesy Google Images)

I am currently drowing in a sea of unwashed clothes...stranded in a desert of clean, unfolded clothes...and I see no end in sight.



  1. LOL That happens to me, too! I'll actually get caught up so I then think I don't have to do laundry every day and then laundry mountain appears.

  2. I am in the same boat. Today I am tackling my laundry issue because if I don't the laundry will come alive and take over our house.

  3. I think I see a couple kids hiding in there. Wait is that Elfie? Is that a SUV in there? What in the world woman

  4. Haha! Be glad you don't live over here! The washers and dryers are so itty bitty and take forever. You can get about 3 towels in a load and it takes 2-3 times longer to wash! I am not kidding! If I get backed up I have to go to the laundry mat on base or I will never catch up! GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. Movie is definitely Elf!

    Good luck with the laundry...I can barely keep up with my own.

  6. First of all, Elf :)

    And secondly, WOW. I sympathize. I only have three people's laundry (and the Mister has work uniforms that I don't even HAVE to wash), and I still find myself swimming in seas of laundry sometimes. Keep on truckin' Mama ;)

  7. I didn't really understand this post. It was talking about a foreign and strange concept that I had trouble grasping... I can't relate at all and think - THINK - you might be talking about a fantasy world where clothes do not spilleth over into all rooms of the house... I'm sure it's somewhere between Narnia and wherever the Hobbits live because I've never been there and doubt very much I ever will.

  8. I am sorry, could you explain this "folded and put away" concept to me?

  9. I feel your pain. I remember those days. Now it's just my hubby and I.......easy peasy on the laundry side of things.

  10. OH My that is a lot of laundry ...stupid Karma (I mean I love you Karma)

  11. THAT'S what it is! I have GOT to quit bragging! :-) Dang laundry!

  12. haha! that looks JUST like my living room! Okay, so it did before my husband folded half of it and took it upstairs. Now it's all stacked in my bedroom like a lego city.

    But shhh!

  13. Thanks for reminding me... I need to fold those socks and jeans piled up on the couch!

  14. OMG! this surpass my worst nightmare, take care dear.

  15. I'm so very, very sorry. I, too, was caught up, just a few weeks ago. No longer. I'm drowning.

  16. Oh, man... Good luck with that mountain!

  17. i have never loved you more than this moment

  18. I loathe laundry, so I'm almost never caught up! I'm just impressed that you ever in time managed to be caught up at all with that big family of yours! :)


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