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My Girl(s)

Once upon a pregnancy test...I peed and it came up positive.

The result?


Which gave her:

A sister.

A sister. Something that I don't have and have always thought would be the best thing in the whole world.

Someone who knows you better than anyone else. Someone to share your joys and frustrations with. Someone who isn't afraid to tell you how it is...or how it should be. Someone that you can just look at, and she'll know what you mean.

Yes...a sister.

I came home from work last night to two girls, more tangled up than any strings of Christmas lights could say it took my breath away would be an understatement.

I could hardly tell where one arm ended, and another began.

Two two girls...I hope and pray that they will end up as close as I've always dreamed sisters should be.

Godspeed, baby girls, Godspeed...


  1. How awesome! What sweet girls. The bond between sisters is definatly something that is very special. Pray that the bond they share now will only get stronger as the days go by..

  2. How precious:) What a beautiful sight to come home to (and even cuter that your husband is there too!:).

  3. How adorable is that?! I always wanted a sister :)

  4. how wonderful are the pics.. I just love it

  5. So sweet ... I can't wait to give my little N a sister (hopefully).

  6. Awww! I was an only child until my parents had triplets when I was 11. Although I got a sister, she is so much younger than me it's been hard to connect with her like that.

    Your girlies are so lucky to have each other!

  7. Precious precious post! What sweet kiddos together. I know exactly what you mean about hoping they end up that close. That's my prayer for my 4 as well. Although currently they are trying to prank each other to death. Love that phase...

  8. They are precious! I have 2 older sisters and the bond is amazing! Their bond will only get stronger and stronger! Those pictures make my heart melt!

  9. adorable! I have always wanted a sister too! But I know that I wouldn't be as close to my mother as I am! She is like my sister/best friend! Btw - your girls are going to be heart breakers! :)

  10. I always wanted a sister, as well. And, although my girl doesn't have a sister, just two brothers, I've often found them tangled in such an inextricable manner, as well, and it makes my heart ache with joy. Great photo! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Aw! I bawled when I read this and saw the photos... I hope my girls (all 3!) end up that close... I'd have given a kidney to share that with my own sister... it's a gift, by the way, not a given, to have sisters that love one another that unconditionally :o)

  12. So sweet. I feel that way about my sis, enough so that I'd consider having another kid so that my little bug might have a sister.

  13. Love LOVE LOVE the picture! I have two little girls almost exactly 2 years apart and tho they fight almost everything...when they do get to sleep's a beautiful sight.

  14. Love that picture!! My sister and I are 27 months apart. We fought like CRAZY when we were younger, but today she is my BEST FRIEND! Thats such an understatement to our relationship. My hubby gets so jealous sometimes. Its amazing. I love her more than anything!

  15. That's so cute. When I was pregnant with my second, I wished it was another girl so my daughter would have a sister. I got my wish! My sister is one of my best friends and I wanted that for my girls. Yes, they fight sometimes, but really, they're super close and love to be together. It's so awesome to witness.

  16. Love love love it! I prayed for a sister for about 5 years before she came. I was 8. As soon as she was old enough to leave her crib we shared a bed! She couldn't go to sleep unless my hand was on her tummy and her legs were tangled with mine!! Even though there is an 8 year difference she is my very best friend today!! Truly a blessing!

  17. Awww...that is so sweet! I have always wished for a sister too...even a brother would do! I'm an only child, which is why I made sure I had more than 1 child!

  18. TOO sweet. I sure hope my little lady has a sister of her own someday. :)

  19. This is why i always say that if i have one girl, i want two. i have a sister & love it. We're 32 & 35 now (i'm younger) & though we are TOTAL opposites, we get along very well. I love her so much & can't imagine life w/o her! I'm sure your girls will be very close! :)

    I LOVE that picture of them all snuggly! :)

  20. I love having a sister. I just found out am expecting #3 and hope it is a girl so my daughter can have a sister. It is such a special relationship.

  21. That is so sweet! I am close with both of my sisters. I couldn't imagine this world with out either of them.

  22. I am your newest follower. I think I read 5 or 6 posts...good stuff! :)


  23. You sure have some beautiful girls friend!! And the love they have for eachother?!? Priceless!

  24. That is just fantastic! Love the pics. I am hoping for the same for my two little girls, one already here in this world, and the other coming in January. Thank you for your post.

  25. What absolutely adorable pics of your gorgeous girlies!! :)

    I know exactly how you feel, as I feel that way about my own two beautiful daughters. I remind them ALL THE TIME how lucky they are to have each other! :)

    I am lucky enough to have a sister of my own. My wee sis is six years my junior, but we are very close. I am VERY thankful to have her!!


  26. so beautiful... i wish i could give my daughter a sister, but three brothers will do.


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